Tree Care Service in Granite Falls

We actually called this company by mistake since they were not in our area. They came right away and gave us a great quote, so we went with them. They were on time and. worked hard until the job was done, very happy with their work and the best price too. We would definitely hire them again.

We don’t often get asked to head up to Granite Falls for tree service removal but it does happen and we do service the area. Granite Falls is located just a little east of Lake Stevens and Marysville Washington at the base of the Cascade Mountains. Most homeowners in this area live on several acres, are spread out, and enjoy views of Mount Pilchuck. While a lot of land around here belongs to the national forest, there’s also a lot of private lands. Granite Falls has no permit requirement for removing trees on your own land. However, if you are lucky enough to live in the national forest, there are rules on that.

For instance, cutting your own Christmas tree is permissible between about November 15 through December 24. Here’s what the forest service has to say about that: “cutting areas are located within national forest lands in the eastern portions of Pierce, King, Snohomish, Skagit, and Whatcom counties. Maps and information about cutting areas are provided where permits are sold at ranger stations and the public service centers. Permits are also sold at REI at Alderwood Mall and downtown Seattle. Permits cost $10 each, one tree per permit, with the tree height limit of 12 feet.

Tree Care Service in Granite Falls

Now again, that’s talking about Christmas trees, but what if you own a home in the national forest and you want to remove it? That’s can you take a little bit more work. Many national forests do allow users to harvest trees for personal use firewood and Christmas trees but you must have a Forest Service Issued permit and you must follow specific guidelines. You have to contact the forest district office nearest you to obtain a permit. These trees cannot be sold and you have to check with the local district office before you cut any dead or downed trees because they could provide animal habitats.

But, if you just want to remove a tree on your own land, give us a call. That’s what we do. We make sure that the tree is safely removed, especially if it’s causing a hazardous situation on your property. We clean up the mess and if there’s any storm damage we clean that up as well. Because there are a lot of residents in Granite Falls that live on wooded lots and forced it areas, a storm coming through could definitely down a few trees and limbs causing quite a mess. We can clean up any storm damage, tram or prune trees, or remove hazardous trees as well. Whether you’re in Granite Falls, Snohomish, Seattle or Arlington, contact Lineage Tree Care service for all your tree removal needs.