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That Magnolia is leaning awfully far into Mrs. Dearborns yard, isn’t it? That dead tree is eerily a little too close to coming down on the house. The HOA told you no trees over 20 feet tall in your front yard.

There are lots of reasons to trim a tree outside the Christmas season. (no, we don’t come over and decorate trees in December – Just FYI) But we do trim trees that are still in the ground. Heck, we would even trim a tree is a big pot on your front porch if you want us to. But the holiday decorations is where we have to draw the line.

Other than that, we’ve seen it all. From shaping trees into birds and dragons to your basic tree pruning of fruit trees. Whether it’s a tree that needs a little shaping or one that’s gotten so out of hand you’d think Edward Scissor hands couldn’t tackle it, we can do it! Even if there are tree branches touching a power line, we have experts that can handle it.

Do you have a tree out front that is an eyesore? We might be able to bring it back to its natural glorious self. I get it! We get busy with life and other things and trimming a tree is usually the last thing on the list until you sit down in your favorite chair after a day of hard work and look out the window and there it is. That tree that you vowed to one day trim. Ugh… you don’t want to do it now, I  mean you just sat down and you’ve been pulled all directions all day long. The very last thing you want to think about is that darn tree. But there it is, taunting you like, “hey there, don’t forget about me”.

But imagine it gone!? Clear, clean, bright sunlight bursting into the room finally! The tree is clean, tidy and trimmed up adding a fine touch of landscaping to your front yard.

Lineage Tree Care handles all pruning services as well as trimming larger trees. This can be done for a various number of reasons and we generally try and keep all of them in mind when we are making cuts on a tree. Pruning is usually done for aesthetic reasons , however in many cases there are also many benefits that it could serve for the tree. For example, If there is a windstorm and a smaller tree is trying to uproot, doing a crown thinning will help reduce some of the load that it bears. Pruning will also help a tree bear more fruit in the years to come.

Maybe you have a good collection of fruit trees in the back yard. Trimming and pruning is essential to getting the most from the fruit. We will carefully go over every tree and clean it up, ready for Spring or Summer to carry out its glory on the buds and branches.

So stop freaking out, stop stressing and just call us already. We know what to do and you have better things to do than trim a silly tree.

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