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storm clean upFall and Spring. That’s the time of year for these awful storms around the Pacific Northwest to knock down a few dead trees and blow the garbage around. But, with enough rain, we can also see overturned and uprooted trees. Trees you probably wanted to keep. And now, it’s a pile of needles, branches and wood across a driveway, a lawn or worse yet, your car or house. God forbid that ever happen!

But if you’re dealing with the after effects of a wind or rain storm around Snohomish or King County, Lineage Tree Care has you covered. This is what we do. Give us a call and we can come clean it up!

Maybe it’s a dead tree that you know will fall in the next storm. Maybe it’s an uprooted tree that already fell or maybe your yard is a sea of dead branches, limbs, and leaves from the wind whipping up and making a mess of your landscaping. Whatever the need, that’s what we do.

We’ve seen just about everything. A tree in a chicken coop, on a car, through the living room! That’s enough to make you watch TV in the basement.

Wind and rain storms around here can just make a mess of everything, but I’m very thankful we don’t have tornados or hurricanes. Our wind storms are pretty tame compared to other places in the country. But they still can make a mess. And you don’t have time to clean that mess up!

Whether it’s a neighbors tree now in your yard or just some limbs that got tossed around, we can do it. We clean it up and haul it away as if it never happened… now, rebuilding that fence or repairing the house is another story.

Give us a call for a quote and we’ll have your lawn or landscaping cleaned up in a jiffy!


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