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Monroe services Lineage Tree CareQuality, efficient tree services in Monroe can be hard to come by.

Whether you are in need of pruning, stump grinding, hedging, or view clearing Lineage Tree Care has the team and skills to get the job done.

Our team of tree service experts is proud to help Monroe residents clean up their outdoor aesthetics and beautify their landscapes.

We know how important your landscape is to your overall aesthetic. We don’t think that any homeowners should have to endure obscured views or dead limbs bringing down their landscape. 

Our tree service experts want to help you clean up your yard and make your landscape the best that it can be.

Lineage Tree Care Monroe Services

Our tree care experts are skilled in many areas of tree removal and maintenance. We are proud to provide the following tree care services to Monroe residents:

Tree trimming/pruning

Whether you have a large, small, ornamental, or fruit tree in need of trimming, our expert team is ready to help you. We have the skills and equipment to trim or prune small trees as well as trees that are 60 feet or taller.

We do ornamental trimming and orchard pruning as well.

Tree removal

There are three different ways that Lineage Tree Care can help you with tree removal. Depending on the unique placement of the tree and your home’s adjacency to it, our experts will use one of these three methods for removing your tree.

  • Climbing and sectioning: this is a strategic approach to tree removal as it involves an expert tree climber scaling the tree and cutting it down in sections.
  • Falling the tree: this is the quickest form of tree removal and involves an expert tree felling team to get the job done.
  • Crane assisted tree removal: this type of removal is for Monroe homes with trees in tricky areas that require removal from above.

Lineage Tree Care employs tree removal experts who have used the above-mentioned methods for completing numerous tree removals over our years of operation. 

Feel free to ask our team any questions that you have about the process of each removal method. We want you to understand the process so that you can feel at ease knowing that our experts have your tree removal covered.

Stump grinding/removal

We have a stump grinding machine that grinds the offending stump up to six inches below ground level. This will ensure that the stump is completely hidden and doesn’t have the chance to cause any further nuisance.

Chips leftover from the stump grinding will be left on-site and disposed of how the homeowner sees fit.


Always dreamed of having that perfect, English countryside hedge in your yard?

The good news is, with Lineage Tree Care, you can get just that. 

Our team of hedging experts knows how to craft and shape even the most difficult hedges. If you already have a hedge, experts recommend that you have it professionally trimmed every 6-10 months in order to prevent it from turning into a tree.

View clearing 

View clearing is an important part of maintaining your home’s aesthetic. Trees and bushes can become unruly and obscure the view from your Monroe home. This is a real nuisance as your sunlight is obscured and you are prevented from enjoying the view from your home.

If you are in need of view clearing services for your Monroe home, Lineage Tree Care has a Monroe team ready to get on the job.

Storm clean-up

Windy, rainy, and stormy weather are all common to the Washington climate. If a recent storm has blown through Monroe and messed up your beautiful landscape, it’s probably time to call in some experts.

Our storm clean-up crew will take care of branches that have fallen onto the roof of your home during the storm. We will also remove loose or damaged branches from trees to prevent damage to your home. 

Our team will chip the tree debris and remove it from the site, leaving your Monroe home as if the storm had never happened.

Hire A Reliable Monroe Tree Care Company Today

If you are at a loss for how to clean up, clear, or remove trees from your Monroe property, Lineage Tree Care can help you.

Our company only employs tree care experts with a good work ethic and a history of good customer service. We promise to help you achieve a flawless outdoor aesthetic through our services. 

If you have questions about the tree care services that we offer or want to schedule a date to have us come see your Monroe home, give us a call at – 425-800-8072 or contact us or visit us at25104 US-2, Monroe, WA 98272, United States

Start working towards completing the home of your dreams today. Your landscape doesn’t need to wait, our tree care experts want to start helping you today.

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Monroe Tree Services

Monroe Tree ServicesLineage Tree Care is your go-to for tree removal, stump grinding, pruning, view clearing and hedge trimming for Snohomish and King County. Call or contact for a free estimate or quote. Our friendly, prompt and responsible staff takes the time to understand exactly what you want and need and will provide the tree service you’ve been looking for.

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Lineage Tree Care proudly provides quality tree care services including:

Monroe or Snohomish County – Follow the rules

Monroe Washington follows the same rules and regulations that Snohomish County Planning and Development services follow. In new residential developments located within unincorporated urban growth areas, trees larger than 10 inches in diameter except for Vine Maples and dogwoods which require a caliper of at least 7 inches, are required to be retained in a critical protection area and their buffers and may be required perimeter landscaping pursuant.

However, according to Snohomish County, trees that are located in a Native Growth Protection area or a Critical Area Protection area or County prove landscaping plan may not be cut without prior approval from the county. If you own less than 2 acres you may remove as much timber as you want, provided that the wood is not removed from a critical area and it’s used for personal use only. For properties of 2 acres or more, up to 5000 board feet of timber in a 12 month period may be harvested for personal use.

Permit Exemptions?

There are exemptions to the permit by cutting down a significant tree if the tree is hazardous, dead or diseased, the construction of the single-family dwelling, duplex or storage structure needs to be put in its place or construction or maintenance of public or private road work. Pruning of trees, general maintenance of trees and the like do not need a permit. There is a penalty however if you cut down a significant tree so it’s always good to ask with the county before cutting down any large trees.

However, cutting down a tree on your property that might be getting in the way, growing too big or is putting out destructive roots can be removed without a permit.

Have more Questions?

If you have any questions on removing trees or questions about pruning, hedge trimming, stump removal or grinding or heaven forbid tree topping, throughout Monroe Washington call us at any time or visit us at – Lineage Tree Care LLC – 25104 US-2, Monroe, WA 98272, United States

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