Redmond Tree Services

As a Redmond homeowner, you may find yourself in need of tree services to manage your outdoor aesthetic or clean up debris following a particularly violent wind storm. Whatever tree services you find yourself in need of, Lineage Tree Care is able to provide you with the right people for the job.

Lineage Tree Care offers a variety of tree services to homeowners in the Redmond area and our team would be more than happy to help you clean up or maintain your yard. 

The services offered at Lineage Tree Care include the following:

Redmond Tree Services

Lineage Tree Care proudly provides quality tree care services including:


Tree Removal In Redmond

If you are in need of having a tree removed, either for protection or functionality, Lineage Tree Care can assist you with the removal using one of the following three removal techniques.

  1. Climbing and sectioning: this method of tree removal is pretty common and requires a skilled tree climber to climb the tree and cut it down in sections.
  2. Falling a tree: the speediest way to deal with your tree problem, falling a tree simply involves cutting a tree down at the base and letting it fall. Our experienced team knows how to properly fall a tree in such a way to minimize any potential risks to your property surrounding the site.
  3. Crane assisted tree removal: if the problematic tree is unable to be climbed and cut down in sections, it may be necessary to use crance assistance to remove the tree. Crane assisted tree removal is more difficult than the other two methods and is reserved for trees that are growing in tight locations where they cannot be felled.



Tree Trimming In Redmond

There are two main kinds of tree trimming, large and small. Large tree trimming is generally for trees that are 60 feet or taller, while small tree trimming is for ornamental trees — often fruit trees or those planted solely for their aesthetic.



Large Tree Trimming Services In Redmond

  • Thinning: this will give your tree a more manicured appearance and will allow sunlight to reach branches that are further down on your tree which in turn will create a fit tree overall.
  • Tree skirting: if the tree in question is growing directly beside your house and has branches touching your house, you may want to have it skirted. Tree skirting is where the lower branches of a tree are cut in order to prevent damage to a structure (most commonly people’s houses).
  • Deadwooding: pretty straightforward, deadwooding is where dead limbs or branches are removed for protection and aesthetic purposes. If a tree on your property presents a threat because of barely attached branches or widow makers, you are in need of deadwooding services.



Small Tree Trimming Services

  • Ornamental tree pruning: this is for trees that are entirely ornamental as they often require specific pruning methods in order to promote optimal growth.
  • Fruit tree pruning: if you would like your fruit trees to produce better fruit, pruning is a good way to encourage this. Maturing fruit trees often require annual prunings.
  • Prune sucker growth: suckers will prevent your trees from growing fit and may cause a host of problems for the growth of your tree. Sucker growth generally occurs if you have had your trees pruned at the wrong time of year.
  • Shape and structure pruning: if you have trees planted in your yard for aesthetic purposes, you may need to have them pruned to acquire optimal shape and structure. Having your trees pruned to add shape and texture is an excellent design choice for your yard.
  • Canopy reduction: this is to allow sunlight to reach the inner and lower branches of your tree by cutting back on the trees thick canopy.



Stump Removal For Redmond Homes

A machine is used to grind stumps down so that they are hidden up to six inches below ground level. This will help you get rid of that annoying stump that has been plaguing your home’s aesthetic since you moved in.

Stump chips will be left on site for homeowners to use or dispose of how they wish.



Storm Clean-up In Redmond

Occasionally, Washington gets heavy winds and stormy weather. Storm clean-up involves a fully equipped team with chippers and trucks to tidy up your yard following a storm. Our crew will take care of storm debris, remove dangling branches that could be a security hazard, remove branches from the roof of your house, and chip tree debris.

Our expert team of tree professionals can have your yard cleaned up in no time following a storm.



View Clearing For Redmond Homes

If you want to clear a view from a window in your home either so that you can enjoy the view or to allow more natural sunlight into your house, we offer view clearing services as well. Our team can remove trees that are obstructing your view, skirt trees to remove bulky limbs so that you are allowed a better view, or strategically thin branches to allow more visibility and light.



Hire A Reliable Tree Removal Company In Redmond Today

Lineage Tree Care offers the best tree care services in Redmond and has been in the business of yard improvement for many years. We are proud to employ only the most trustworthy and skilled tree care professionals who are able to get any job done.

If you are in need of any tree services around your Redmond home you can rest assured that Lineage Tree Care has just the team for the job. If you would like to discuss in further detail the services we offer or would like to schedule a visual assessment, contact Lineage Tree Care today and we’d be happy to help.

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