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Bellevue Tree ServicesLooking to improve the aesthetic of your yard this year? Tree care is an excellent way to improve the overall look of your home while also doing some much need yard tidying.

Having a yard that is unkempt, where the trees are wild and out of control, gives your Bellevue home a disheveled appearance. To remedy this, you should find a reputable tree service company that you can rely on to keep your trees looking cared for. 

Here at Lineage Tree Care in Bellevue, our tree care experts have the expertise and tools necessary to solve your tree problems and make the first impression of your home a positive one. 

We offer a wide variety of Bellevue tree care services, including:

Lineage Tree Care proudly provides quality tree care services including:

Tree Removal Services

Sometimes trees cannot be maintained or trimmed, and occasionally a tree just needs to be removed entirely. The tree in question might need removal due to being dead, a security threat to your property or home, or if it is preventing your home from being fully functional. 

We offer three forms of tree removal in Bellevue:

  1. Falling a tree
  2. Climbing and cutting down the tree in sections
  3. Removing the tree with a crane

We can help you decide on the best removal option for your unique situation. 


Tree Trimming Services In Bellevue

Because there are so many varieties of trees, our tree care professionals offer a variety of tree trimming services to help Bellevue homeowners with their tree trimming needs. 

We try to cover all of the bases with our tree trimming services so that regardless of the type of tree that our clients have, we will be able to help them with maintenance and trimming.

Tree trimming services offered at Lineage Tree Care in Bellevue include:

Small Tree Trimming Services

Small trees or ornamental trees are usually under 60 feet tall. We offer a variety of different small tree trimming services including:

  • Decorative trimming (for ornamental trees)
  • Structural pruning (this is to increase the aesthetic of your tree through shaping)
  • Fruit tree pruning
  • Sucker growth pruning (sucker growth generally occurs when trees are trimmed at the wrong time of the year and it is very damaging to the fitness of your tree)
  • Canopy reduction (this form of trimming allows sunlight through the canopy of your tree to let the inner branches get necessary sunlight for growth)

Large Tree Trimming Services In Bellevue

Trees over 60 feet in height are considered large trees. Some of the trimming services your large tree might need are: 

  • Deadwooding: if your tree has a widowmaker or other dead limbs attached, our tree care experts will remove them for the protection of your home.
  • Branch thinning: if the branches of your tree are too thick to allow sunlight to reach the lower branches, you need to have the branches thinned. Thinning tree branches gives you a fit tree overall and if done right, can also improve the aesthetics of your tree.
  • Tree balancing: occasionally, trees become imbalanced due to having thicker branches to one side. Imbalanced trees are not only aesthetically displeasing, but they also pose a security threat as they may break due to the uneven weight on the one side.
  • Tree skirting: trees that grow directly against a structure, houses, or gutters often need to be skirted. Tree skirting strategically removes branches that are affecting the functionality of your property or home.
  • Wind sailing: trees that are thick with many branches are often blown over because their branches are too thick to allow wind to pass through. Wind sailing a large tree selectively removes branches that are inhibiting wind from passing easily through.


View Clearing Services In Bellevue

If you have a tree that is obstructing your window view, then you are in need of view clearing services. 

View clearing is strategically done by tree care experts in order to let Bellevue homeowners have an uninhibited view from their house. 

If you have a tree that has been obscuring your view and frustrating you, contact Lineage Tree Care in Bellevue to schedule a date to have your view cleared.


Hedge Trimming Services In Bellevue

Hedges add a vintage aspect to the aesthetic of any home. If you would like to create a hedge in your front yard or need hedge trimming services, Lineage Tree Care has you covered.

We have experience creating beautiful hedges like the ones that can be found in the English countryside.

We recommend that if you have an existing hedge, you have it professionally trimmed every six months or so. Allowing your hedge to go long periods of time without trimming will let your hedge become unruly and will result in you having less of a hedge and more of a tree in your yard.


Hire A Reliable Tree Service Today

Here at Lineage Tree Care, we are skilled troubleshooters and have helped countless homeowners achieve the outdoor aesthetic that they want.

Along with the services mentioned above, we also offer debris clean up services and stump grinding.

To schedule a day for our team to survey your project, contact Lineage Tree Care today.

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Bellevue Tree Services

Bellevue Tree ServicesLineage Tree Care is your go-to for tree removal, stump grinding, pruning, view clearing and hedge trimming for Snohomish and King County. Call or contact for a free estimate or quote. Our friendly, prompt and responsible staff takes the time to understand exactly what you want and need and will provide the tree service you’ve been looking for.

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Lineage Tree Care proudly provides quality tree care services including:

For Bellevue Residents

If you live in the city of Bellevue there are rules and regulations when it comes to removing a tree. You may remove the tree on your property without a permit. Tree removal that resulted over 1000 ft.² of disturbance of the ground requires a clearing and grading permit. However, you don’t need a permit if your property is not located in an R – 1 zone in the Bridle Trails sub-area. Also, you don’t need a permit if you are not proposing a development that’s 20% additional impervious surface on your lot.

What the City Requires

The city of Bellevue wants to make sure that if you are removing a tree and you’re unsure of the rules or regulations to check with the Land Use desk to ensure compliance it’s. There are designated trees in certain protected areas around Bellevue that must remain, regardless of the amount of disturbance on the ground. It’s important to check with PUD restrictions, check for critical areas and any private agreements. If your property is subject to private contracts, covenants, or homeowner associations that might affect your ability to remove trees, it’s important to check with your HOA before walking down any trees. Any vegetation removal, including trees, is prohibited in protected or critical areas.

If you’re looking to have a tree removed within the city right-of-way, make sure to check with the transportations right-of-way division at 425-452-4189.

If you want to remove more than just a couple of trees, you would need to determine the number of trees to remove and multiply that by 50 ft.². If the total does not exceed 1000 ft.², a permit is not required.

If you’re unsure about your area or if removing the tree will result in a disturbance of the ground more than 1000 ft.² around the property, contact the city of Bellevue today. As a proficient tree removal company in Bellevue Washington, we are proficient at understanding the laws and regulations and can answer most of your questions about tree removal, pruning, and current regulations.

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If you have any questions on removing trees or questions about pruning, hedge trimming, stump removal or grinding or heaven forbid, tree topping, call us at any time.

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