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It’s that time of year again where tree maintenance and landscaping become essential. While some Kirkland homeowners busily prepare their property for springtime others might wonder if tree care maintenance is really necessary at all.

Take it from a team of tree care experts, your trees need a little bit of love following a damp Washington winter.

In order to prepare your outdoor aesthetic for the coming seasons and ensure that your trees are being trimmed during the right season and getting the other essential care that they need, Lineage Tree Care can help you today.




Tree Services We Offer to Kirkland Residents

Our versatile team of tree care experts offers a wide range of tree services in Kirkland which include:

Tree Removal

Our tree removal team utilizes three different methods for removing trees. The placement of your tree will determine what method we use for removing it.

For instance, if your tree is wedged between two structures we will use our crane assisted method to remove your tree from above.

The easiest and most common method of tree removal is climbing and sectioning, where the problematic tree is cut down in sections. This process is strategically carried out in order to prevent damage to any neighboring structures.

Large Tree Trimming

Many Kirkland homeowners forget that their large trees need trimming too. It’s only when the tree starts to cause a problem that they think to call a tree trimming service. If you have started noticing that a tree on your property is limiting the functionality of your home or posing a security risk, contact a tree trimming service immediately.

Lineage Tree Care’s team offers safe and effective trimming services for trees that are as tall as 60-feet and taller.

Ornamental Tree Trimming

These can be anything from small trees (under 60-feet tall) to fruit trees, to purely aesthetic trees. Whether you need orchard pruning or tree shaping, we’ve got you covered. Our team of tree trimming experts has experience in every facet of tree care. We can let you know the best season for pruning your orchard or structure trimming decorative trees.

View Clearing in Kirkland

Obstructed views are one of the most frustrating issues to encounter. All homeowners want is to enjoy their views of Kirkland and their surrounding yard without the aggravation of overgrown trees.

If you need view clearing services to open up your window views, give Lineage Tree Care a call today.

Stump Removal & Grinding

Stump grinding or removal — we got you.

Lineage Tree Care’s team of stump removal experts will make your yard look as though there was never a stump, to begin with. We can completely remove your stump (grinding up to six-inches below grade so that it is invisible) or grind jagged stumps smooth.

Whichever option best suits your outdoor aesthetic, we’d be happy to provide services for you.

Hedging Services

Have you been longing for a picture-perfect hedge to finish off your Kirkland home’s landscape? The good news is, you can have just that.

With our professional hedge structuring and pruning services, we can make your hedge look as though it jumped out of a Better Homes & Gardens magazine.

Professional hedging services recommend that you have your hedge trimmed every six to ten months to maintain an ideal shape.

Post-Storm Clean Up

As a Kirkland resident, you probably aren’t unfamiliar with the moody nature of Washington weather. If a storm has blown through Kirkland and has you wondering if it’s even possible to salvage your landscape — never fear!

At Lineage Tree Care in Kirkland, we have a team specially equipped to handle storm and debris clean up projects.

Our team will arrive at your Kirkland home with chippers, pruning sheers, and ladders. We will remove debris from the roof of your house and other structures and tidy up your landscape so that you won’t even be able to tell that there was a storm.

What to do About Trees That Aren’t on Your Property?

If a tree is not on your property you cannot cut it down.

Our advice to you is to have a discussion with your neighbor about the problems and risks that the tree is posing to your home’s protection or functionality.

If your neighbor is understanding, make a plan together about how you can minimize the risk factor of the problematic tree.

Give Our Team of Tree Care Experts a Call!

Here at Lineage Tree Care near Kirkland, we employ only the best landscape experts in the region. We take pride in our flawless results and each of our team members has a driven work ethic. Whatever your current landscape struggle is, breathe a sigh of relief knowing that our team can be the answer to your dilemma.

If you’d like to schedule a date for our tree care team to come and scout our project, give Lineage Tree Care a call today.

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