Shoreline Tree Services

Shoreline Tree ServicesLooking for ways to spruce up your yard this spring? The good news is, with professional tree services and maintenance you can have a brand new outdoor look in almost no time.

At Lineage Tree Care in Shoreline, we have a team of highly skilled landscape experts who take pleasure in helping homeowners achieve their desired aesthetic.

We are proud to offer a variety of different tree services to Shoreline residents in order to optimize and improve their outdoor look.

Lineage Tree Care proudly provides quality tree care services including:

Tree Trimming Services in Shoreline WA

As spring approaches it becomes necessary to have trees trimmed to promote fitness and optimal growth. At Lineage Tree Care in Shoreline, we offer two main types of tree trimming services. Within each umbrella category of our tree trimming service, we offer other services.

Small Tree Pruning:

Trees that are under 60 feet in height qualify as small trees. We offer various pruning services for small trees including the following:

  • Ornamental tree pruning: this is for trees that serve a decorative purpose.
  • Fruit tree trimming: orchards need to be routinely pruned in order to remain fit. If you prune fruit trees at the wrong time of the year, the results could be disastrous. Knowing how and when to prune your fruit trees is essential when it comes to the fitness of your orchard.
  • Sucker growth pruning: in tandem with our last service, if you have in the past tried to prune your fruit trees during the wrong time of the year, you may have noticed a bunch of pesky suckers crop up seemingly out of nowhere. Sucker growth is a direct consequence of improper pruning and should be dealt with if you are concerned with the fitness of your orchard.

Large Tree Pruning:

If you have trees at your Shoreline home that are over 60 feet tall, they qualify for our large tree trimming services. We can trim large trees on your property to optimize for surrounding structures (including your house or garage) or can take down limbs that are posing a risk to the security of your home.

If you are unsure whether your tree will need pruning or complete removal, schedule a date for our tree care team to come and evaluate your property.

Stump Removal & Grinding

Need a stump removed from your Shoreline home? We’ve got you covered! Our team of tree care professionals will help you get rid of pesky stumps with our stump grinding equipment. We grind all stumps up to six inches below the grade so that homeowners can no longer tell that they were ever there.

Storm Debris Clean-Up

Wind storms cause lots of damage to Shoreline yards. If you need help removing debris from the roof of your house or need loose branches taken down from trees surrounding your home, our team would love to help. We bring our team of hardworking tree care professionals to your home and in no time at all, we will have your yard back in order.

View Clearing Services

Have a stunning view from your window that is obscured by branches or shrubbery? Our view clearing services will help you take back your Shoreline home view so that you can better appreciate your gorgeous PNW landscape.

Hedge Shaping & Trimming

Hedges make gorgeous additions to any Shoreline landscape.

Whether you need help creating your hedge or maintaining it, our team would be happy to help. We have years of experience shaping perfect hedges for Shoreline residents and understand the technique of creating hedges that capture the eyes. 

Get in Touch With Lineage Tree Care in Shoreline Today

Our team of tree care professionals would be thrilled to help you maintain or improve your outdoor aesthetic. We put passion and care into each and every project that we work on and are only happy if you are. 

To schedule a date to have our tree care professionals begin your project, contact Lineage Tree Care in Shoreline today.

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Shoreline Tree Services

Arlington Tree ServicesLineage Tree Care is your go-to for tree removal, stump grinding, pruning, view clearing and hedge trimming for Snohomish and King County. Call or contact for a free estimate or quote. Our friendly, prompt and responsible staff takes the time to understand exactly what you want and need and will provide the tree service you’ve been looking for.

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Lineage Tree Care proudly provides quality tree care services including:

For Those That Live in Shoreline (Not Seattle)

Shoreline is not really in the city of Seattle but it’s a little further north so it follows its own rules and it has its own regulations when it comes to tree removal.

If we’re talking about private property any tree of significant size will need a permit before you remove it. If the tree is near a stream, wetland or steep slope, it may be considered in a critical area or buffer and the city will need to review where the tree is in order to give approval for removal. You will need a clearing and grading permit if it can be removed or pruned in a critical area. If it is a hazardous tree in this area it must be determined by a qualified arborist in order to have it removed. Hazardous trees that can be an active threat, meaning they’re about to fall over on somebody’s property or structure, can be removed under the different exemptions.

So what’s considered a significantly sized tree?

Size really does matter in this case. The city street regulations on private properties except in critical areas include conifer trees 8 inches or more and deciduous trees 12 inches or more in diameter hundred 4.5 feet from the ground or called breast height as well. So, if your tree is this big you will need to discuss with the city before getting a permit to have it removed.

What type of trees are exempt?

Nonsignificant sized trees. Obviously, those that are smaller than the aforementioned ones. Unless they are in a critical area and its buffer or the area exceeds 1500 ft.² a clearing. Trees can also be removed on property zoned commercial business, mixed business, neighborhood business or town centers unless the existing trees were included as required landscaping within the previous three years.

Other exemptions include up to six significant trees, which may be removed during a three-year period based on the parcel size.

If you plan on just pruning the tree, pruning less than 25% of the canopy is allowed without a permit. It does not include topping or damaging the health of the tree. Don’t get me started on tree topping, we’ve already discussed how dangerous that is.

If you are clearing or grading and the trees are not listed under the exemptions a tree removal permit is required. Call us to clarify all this and we can tell you if you need a permit.

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