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Snohomish Tree ServicesLineage Tree Care provides businesses and residents in Bothell with professional tree care services. We take pride in getting the job done right the first time, and our reputation is built on years of consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients.

From simple tree trimming, to technical crane-assisted tree removal, we offer a wide range of tree care services in Bothell. Our team of experts has the training, experience, and tools to solve all your tree-care needs.

Tree Trimming In Bothell

Regular tree trimming has several advantages. It keeps your landscape looking clean, while also promoting the fitness of the tree and preventing widow makers from developing.


Lineage Tree Care proudly provides quality tree care services including:


Trimming Services for Large Trees (trees 60+ feet tall)

  • Thinning: this involves removing some of the branches on a tree to let sunlight in. This increases the fitness of the tree as lower branches now have sunlight access.
  • Balancing: it’s important to keep trees evenly weighted. If the branches on one side becomes thicker, then the tree could collapse. Balancing prevents this by removing weight from the thick side of the tree.
  • Tree skirting: if a tree is next to your house, its lower branches may cause damage by pushing up against the wall or roof. To prevent this, we can skirt your tree, which involves removing the branches from the part of the tree that is against your home or other structure.
  • Deadwooding: it’s important to not leave dead branches on a tree. These pose serious security risks. Our deadwood service removes dead branches, broken limbs, and widowmakers.
  • Wind sailing: this is when we remove some of a tree’s branches so that wind can pass through the tree without blowing it down.


Trimming Services In Bothell for Small Trees (trees under 60 feet / ornamental trees)

  • Fruit tree pruning: regular pruning helps your tree focus more energy on growing fruit instead of branches.
  • Ornamental tree pruning: this includes shaping, pruning dead branches, or thinning so that sunlight can get inside.
  • Canopy reduction: this cuts back the canopy of your tree to allow sunlight to reach inner and lower branches.
  • Sucker growth removal: suckers appear when your tree gets pruned in the wrong season. Suckers drain a tree’s fitness, so it’s important to have these removed.
  • Shape and structure pruning: if you want to shape your small or ornamental trees, but don’t know how to do it yourself, allow our experts to shape them for you.


Tree Removal

Sometimes it is necessary to remove a tree. Maybe it’s a protection hazard, or is growing where you want your new shed to go. Whatever the reason, we offer three tree removal services in Bothell:

  1. Falling a tree: our fastest tree removal service, this is when we cut the tree down from its base and let it fall along a predetermined trajectory. Our crew is highly experienced and can bring a tree down without harming nearby buildings or plants.
  2. Climbing and sectioning: our most popular tree removal service, this involves having one of our expert tree climbers go up your tree and cut it down in sections. We used special roping techniques to prevent falling sections from damaging surroundings.
  3. Crane assisted tree removal: this is for trees that we can’t remove via falling or sectioning — usually because it’s growing between buildings or another tight location.


Stump Removal For Snohomish

We use a powerful machine to grind stumps 4-6 inches down below ground level (or grade). This will leave a hole that you can fill with dirt. Plant some grass or flowers on top and within a couple weeks no one will ever know there was a tree there.

Usually, ground stump chips remain on your property. We find that most Bothell homeowners like to use them in their landscapes.


Hedge Trimming

Scheduled hedge trimming is crucial if your goal is a robust and thick hedge. If you forget to trim your hedge at least once every 6-10 months, then it will start going wild and will start looking more like a tree.

Ready to craft some gorgeous hedges? Here’s how we can help:

  • Create a hedge: do you have a tree that you’d like to convert to a hedge? One of our Lineage Tree Care hedge experts will strategically trim your tree so that it begins filling in as a hedge.
  • Maintain a hedge: clean hedges with precise lines give your landscape an ultra-professional look. We can take care of your regular hedge trimming so that your yard always looks fresh.


Snohomish Storm Clean-up

Is your yard cluttered with branches after the latest wind storm? Contact us today and we’ll come out and clean-up for you. Our team will arrive with trucks, chippers, and all the tools needed to get the job done.

Our storm clean-up service includes:

  • Tree branch removal. This includes branches on the ground, those that landed on your buildings, and also broken branches in your trees that could pose a protection risk.
  • Chip all tree debris.
  • Remove the chips and all the debris (if you would like to keep chips please let us know in advance).


View Clearing

Is the view from your windows blocked by trees? We offer three different view-clearing services to help you get your view back:

  1. Total tree removal: we fall or section the tree.
  2. Tree skirting: remove only those branches that are blocking the view.
  3. Tree thinning: we remove just some of the branches so that you can see through the tree. This increases visibility while causing the least amount of damage to your tree.


Tree Permits In Bothell

Depending on where in Bothell you are located, you may need to get a tree permit before removing or making alterations to a tree.

If you’re unsure if you need to get a permit, contact our team to speak with a Lineage Tree Care expert. We know trees and we know the permit laws around them. Our team will be able to guide you through the complex permit process.


Hire A Reliable Bothell Tree Removal Company Today

For years, we have been helping the citizens of Bothell with tree maintenance and removal. Our crews are fast, precise, and get the job done right the first time, every time. No tree is too large and no job is too complex for our team.

Contact us or visit us today at – 19125 N Creek Pkwy S Suite 120, Bothell, WA 98011, United States, to ask your tree-related questions and to hear how Lineage Tree Care can help you.


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