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At Lineage Tree Care, our tree removal experts have a proven track record of quickly and cleanly taking down trees. No job is too big or too difficult for our team because we have the experience and technical know-how to successfully remove any tree.

Sammamish tree removalCommon Reasons For Tree Removal

There are as many reasons for getting a tree removed as there are trees. Some tree takedowns are simple and quick, others require extensive planning and technical machinery. Whatever your reason for removing a tree from your property, you can rest assured that our professional crews have dealt with a similar tree removal before.

Some of our most common tree removal requests include:

  • Dead tree removal: dead, dying, and rot-filled trees are serious security hazards for buildings and people within their fall range.
  • Tree replacement: is it time to replace one of the trees on your property? Tree removal is the first step. Once the old tree is gone, you can plant your new specimen.
  • View clearing: if trees blocking the view outside your windows, we can remove those to improve your view and home value.
  • Uprooted Tree: There are many instances where this can happen, but the most common is an uprooted tree by wind. At this point there is little you can do to save it, which is when it would be best to remove it.
  • Troublesome tree removal: sometimes, fit trees need to be removed because they are dropping limbs on your roof, driveway, or backyard. This debris can cause property damage, so for particularly troublesome trees, removal may be the best option.
  • Construction tree removal: for the homeowner building a new shed, or the construction company developing a piece of property, we can remove the trees standing in the way of your new structure.

At Lineage Tree Care, we can handle ANY tree takedown request. Where other tree removal companies will turn down your job request, we will come through, because our crews are highly trained and have the technical ability to remove even the most difficult trees.


Our Tree Removal Services

While there are a thousand reasons why you may want a tree cut down, there are only a few ways to remove it. Here are the three tree removal services and methods that we specialize in:

  • Falling a tree: the quickest way to remove a tree is to cut it down and let it fall from the base. When executing a tree drop, we always hang a protection line to ensure that the tree falls in the correct direction.
  • Climbing and sectioning: the most common method of tree removal, this requires one of our expert climbers to scale the tree and cut it down in sections. The climber will cut off brush and branches on his way up the trunk and drop these into a designated drop zone at the base of the tree. Once at the top, our climber will begin cutting the trunk off in sections as he works his way back down. Our crews use advanced roping techniques to prevent branches and sections of trunk from free falling onto a roof or other structure.
  • Crane assisted tree removal: if there isn’t room on the ground for a drop zone, or if the trunk is too thick to section off and use roping techniques to bring down, then we will use a crane to help remove the tree. By bringing in the crane, we are able to remove trees from tight and difficult-to-reach spaces.

The type of tree removal we do depends on the accessibility of where your tree is located. Our estimator will work closely with you to ensure that our crew carries out the best tree removal method for your unique situation.


The Tree Removal Process

Once you’ve made the decision to have a tree on your property taken out, contact us and we’ll get the removal started. Typically, our tree removal process flows in these steps:

  1. Call and schedule an estimate: the phone will be answered by one of our knowledgable professionals. This means you won’t need to leave a message with your questions and will be able to discuss the advanced technicalities of tree removal on your first phone call. During that first phone call, we will set a date to come out and assess the tree.
  2. Visual assessment: we will send an estimator out to your property within three days of your phone call to assess the tree and gather information for an estimate. This includes deciding on a drop zone location, seeing if a crane is needed, and determining what will happen to all the brush and wood. During their visit, they can also assess the fitness of other trees on your property and advise you about which ones should also be removed.
  3. Written estimate: we send out estimates the same day as the visual assessment. The estimate will be very clear about what factors are influencing the cost. For example, the level of technical difficulty and the amount of brush and wood that needs to be hauled away are things that affect our estimated total.
  4. Book tree removal: once you approve the estimate, we will schedule the tree removal. We do our best to have the tree removed within two weeks of estimate approval.
  5. Remove the tree: our experienced tree removal professionals will take down the tree, or trees. They will also clean up and dispose of tree materials according to your wishes. Clean up options include brush chipping, cutting the wood into rounds, leaving the wood for you, or hauling it all away, and grinding the stump.

At Lineage Tree Care, we value clear communication and do our utmost to make sure everyone, property owner and our crew, know exactly what’s going to happen and how the tree is going to come down.


Work With A Tree Removal Company You Can Trust

When you work with Lineage Tree Care, you are working with an established tree removal company that has built a foundation of trust in the greater Seattle area. No tree is too large or difficult for our crew.

Contact us today and speak directly with a tree removal expert who can answer your questions and schedule an appointment for a visual assessment.


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