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Snohomish Tree ServicesLineage Tree Care is proud to provide quality tree care services to Snohomish homeowners. Whether you just need a tree trimmed, or want to have the entire tree removed, our team of tree service professionals has the equipment and experience to get the job done quickly and correctly. 


Tree Trimming In Snohomish

Besides giving your yard a clean aesthetic, tree trimming is an important way to maintain the fitness of your trees and prevent possible security hazards and home damage.


Large Tree Trimming Services (trees that are 60+ feet tall)

  • Thinning: branch thinning gives your tree a cleaner look and allows sunlight to reach branches that are towards the lower or middle section of your tree — improving the tree’s fitness.
  • Balancing: if one side of the tree is thicker than the other, we thin branches on the heavy side to ensure that your tree isn’t in danger of collapsing.
  • Tree skirting: this is when we cut off the lower branches of a tree. An example of when you might need tree skirting is if a tree’s branches are pushing up against your Snohomish home. We’ll cut the branches off that part of the tree to prevent it from causing damage to your roof or gutters.
  • Deadwooding: this is when we removed attached dead limbs, widow makers, or branches that are barely hanging on and pose a security concern.
  • Wind sailing: preventative maintenance, wind sailing is when branches are selectively removed in order to allow wind to pass through freely — helping your tree to not get blown down in a windstorm.


Lineage Tree Care proudly provides quality tree care services including:

Small Tree Trimming Services In Snohomish (trees under 60 feet / ornamental trees)

  • Fruit tree pruning: this will help your tree to grow stronger and enable it to produce better fruit.
  • Ornamental tree pruning: ornamental trees often need trimming so as to open them up and expose them to light. 
  • Canopy reduction: this cuts back the canopy of your tree to allow sunlight to reach inner and lower branches.
  • Prune sucker growth: sucker growth occurs when trees are pruned at the wrong time of year. Suckers need to be pruned in order for your tree to have good growth.
  • Shape and structure pruning: this is for small, aesthetic trees. Many homeowners prefer to have a few structured trees in their yards to add texture and character to their space.



Tree Removal

Tree removal becomes necessary when a tree is inhibiting your home’s functionality, posing a security threat, or has died. Lineage Tree Care offers the following tree removal services in Snohomish:

  1. Falling a tree: this is the quickest form of tree removal and involves cutting the tree and letting it fall from the base. Our tree felling experts are able to bring down a tree without any risk to surrounding structures and vegetation.
  2. Climbing and sectioning: this is the most common method of tree removal and requires an expert tree climber to scale the tree and cut it down in sections. If needed, we can also send out our skilled ground crew who use advanced roping techniques to prevent the branches from falling and damaging structures and plants below. 
  3. Crane assisted tree removal: this method is for trees that are unable to be sectioned and climbed. If you have a tree that needs to be removed, but it is hiding in a tight or difficult to reach location, crane assistance will probably be necessary.



Stump Removal For Snohomish

We use a joystick-operated machine to grind stumps down about 4-6 inches below grade (ground level).

After the stump has been successfully ground down, you can cover the hole with dirt or grass and no one will be able to tell a tree was ever there. 

Generally, we leave stump chips on site, as most homeowners like to use them. 



Hedge Trimming

Regular hedge trimming is vital to achieve a beautiful and full hedge. If you aren’t trimming your hedge every 6-12 months, then your hedge will grow out and begin to look like a tree. 

Our tree service professionals can:

  • Create a hedge: if there is a tree that you would like to see turned into a hedge, our tree service professionals can assist you in training your tree into a hedge. This involves regular trimming so that the tree focuses on density instead of outward growth.
  • Maintain a hedge: We use sheers to create clean, aesthetically pleasing lines across the top and sides of your hedge. Our professionals cut back on small, untamed growth and focus on creating precise lines.



Snohomish Storm Clean-up

Do you need help cleaning up tree debris after a bad storm? Give us a call and we’ll send out a professional crew. We are equipped with trucks and chippers, and regardless of the size of the job we will get your yard under control in no time.

Our storm clean-up services include:

  • Remove tree branches that have landed on top of your house or other buildings.
  • Remove loose, hanging, and damaged branches from trees. 
  • Chip all tree debris. 
  • Remove the chips and all the debris (if you would like to keep chips please let us know in advance).



View Clearing

If you would like to open up the view from your home, consider our view clearing services. There are three options that homeowners can choose from to clear their view:

  1. Remove the trees. 
  2. Skirt up the limbs to open a view. This keeps the tree but removes the limbs that are blocking your view. 
  3. Thin out the tree so that you can see through it. This adds visibility while leaving the tree intact and present.



Tree Permits In Snohomish 

If your home is within the Snohomish city limits you will not be required to obtain a permit for tree removal services. However, many of the cities surrounding Snohomish do require that residents first obtain a permit before making any alterations to existing trees. 

If you suspect that you may need a permit for the service in question, contact Lineage Tree Care to speak with one of our experts. Since we are in the business of tree services we are very knowledgeable on the different permit requirements and can offer guidance.



Hire A Reliable Tree Removal Company Today

Lineage Tree Care has been in the business of yard improvement for years and has been able to establish a foundation of trust among our clients. We offer our tree services to Snohomish residents and are able to see any job to completion. No tree is too large or difficult for our crew.

To speak to one of our tree removal professionals call: 425-800-8012 or to schedule a visual assessment, contact us today. Visit us at – 410 Ludwig Rd, Snohomish, WA 98290, United States


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Snohomish Tree Services

Snohomish Tree ServicesLineage Tree Care is your go-to for tree removal, stump grinding, pruning, view clearing and hedge trimming for Snohomish and King County. Call or contact for a free estimate or quote. Our friendly, prompt and responsible staff takes the time to understand exactly what you want and need and will provide the tree service you’ve been looking for.

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Lineage Tree Care proudly provides quality tree care services including:

Beautiful and Quaint Snohomish

The city of Snohomish is pretty straightforward, simple and clear when it comes to removing trees: if you live in a single-family lot that is not large enough to subdivide, then prior city approval is not necessary to cut down a tree. For other circumstances, call the city prior to cutting the tree.

So, if you have a tree that is on your property and there is no chance of it being subdivided or developed further, then, by all means, you can have the tree removed without a permit.

What About Trees Not On Your Property?

Now, this does not go for trees that might be in green belts or on other people’s property that is affecting your property. If you have an issue with a neighbor that has a tree on their property that could be hazardous to your property, then you need to talk about the consequences with that neighbor. For the love of God do not cut down someone else’s tree. This will cause more trouble than it’s ever worth and you’ll never be best friends without neighbor again.

Now, if you have a tree that in a Greenbelt area protected by the city but it’s hazardous or disease, then you need to talk to the city about having it removed. We can still remove it for you, but you may need approval through an arborist or an evaluation from our company in order to get it removed properly and then again, you may still not have to have a permit but you will need permission.

Just Call us!

If you have any questions on removing trees or questions about pruning, hedge trimming, stump removal or grinding or heaven forbid, tree topping, call us at any time.

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