Hedge Trimming

hedgingDo you really need someone to do your shrub hedging?

It all depends on you. How busy are you? Do you have better things to do than spend hours trimming, hedging, and weeding your landscape? Probably.

Hedging isn’t hard but it is time-consuming. It’s like cutting your own hair; a little here, a little there, until all of a sudden your bangs are way shorter than you had planned.

Don’t let your shrubs be victim to poor trimming.

So, what DO we do?

Do you have a shrub that’s touching your house? Do you know it shouldn’t be? Trees, plants, ivy and shrubs that touch your house could bring pests and water up under the siding causing mold and damage. I know ivy looks cool and all, but it really should not be attached to the house if you plan on keeping the house well maintained.

But you also don’t want to mow the whole thing down; I get it. So let’s trim those hedges and shrubs just far enough from the house to keep the house safe and yet still look good and well maintained.

You don’t have time for this! You have the Bachelor, Fixer Upper, or the Walking Dead to catch up. Okay, okay.. maybe you have more important things to do. Like a job. Now THAT we totally get.

Can you make more money working than it would take you to do the trimming yourself?

That’s when time really IS money. We want you off doing what you do best. Don’t waste your time tending to hedges and a ‘SHRUBBERY!’ when you can make more money working or spending time with family. This is why we do what we do. Sure, you could probably do it yourself. Do you want to or have to? Maybe not.

So give us a call! Let us do the trimming for you! Let us do the hedging and trimming of the ‘shrubbery’. It’s what we do best!


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