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Tree and yard care is immensely important to the overall aesthetic of your home. 

An unmaintained tree can result in anything from an obscured window view to security hazards and poses an overall inconvenience to the functionality of your property.

If you are looking for quality tree services in the Sammamish area, Lineage Tree Care is proud to provide home and business owners with industry-leading tree care. Regardless of your tree needs, Lineage Tree Care offers a wide variety of services that are sure to have you covered.

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Lineage Tree Care proudly provides quality tree care services including:

Tree Removal In Sammamish

There are several different reasons why tree removal may be necessary at your Sammamish home. 

If a tree is a threat, has died, is an eyesore, or is greatly hindering your home’s ability to function, you likely need that tree removed.

Our tree removal experts offer three different forms of tree removal services to Sammamish homeowners.

  1. Falling a tree: our expert tree felling team will ensure that the removal is done properly, without any risk to surrounding buildings. This is the quickest form of tree removal.
  2. Climbing and sectioning: as the name would suggest, this form of tree removal involves an expert tree climber scaling the tree and cutting it down in strategic sections. If you are concerned about the climbing and sectioning process, Lineage Tree Care can also provide you with a ground team to use roping techniques in order to ensure that branches don’t fall on and damage nearby structures.
  3. Crane assisted tree removal: if the tree in question is unable to be removed using the other two methods due to being in a tight location, Lineage Tree Care also offers crane assisted tree removal.


Tree Trimming For Sammamish Homeowners

If you are in need of tree trimming services, Lineage Tree Care has you covered there as well. We offer two different kinds of tree trimming services depending on the size of your tree. 



Ornamental Tree Trimming Services (Small Trees)

Trees that are under 60 feet tall qualify as small trees. Some of the small tree trimming services Lineage Tree Care offers to Sammamish homeowners are the following.

  • Fruit tree pruning: regular pruning allows your fruit tree to grow strong and fit — resulting in bigger and better fruit production.
  • Ornamental tree pruning: decorative trees often need trimming to ensure that they grow fit and that they are opened up to the light.
  • Canopy reduction: if your small tree has a thick canopy, it likely needs a canopy reduction to allow sunlight through to the lower limbs.
  • Prune sucker growth: sucker overgrowth can damage your small tree to a huge degree. If sucker growth is an issue, you should have tree experts come and prune them back immediately.
  • Shape and structure pruning: in order to increase the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space, you should have ornamental trees shaped and structured from time to time.


Maintenance Tree Trimming Services (Large Trees)

If you have large trees (over 60 feet tall) that require trimming services, Lineage Tree Care has a crew ready to assist you with the following trimming services.

  • Thinning: occasionally, large trees require branch thinning in order to let the sunlight through to the mid and lower sections. Branch thinning also provides your large tree with a cleaner aesthetic and improves the overall fitness of your tree. 
  • Balancing: if your large tree is imbalanced due to thicker branches on one side, this can pose a security threat as your tree may collapse from the excess weight on the one side. Our team of tree care experts can balance it out by thinning the branches on the heavier side to provide you with a clean tree. 
  • Tree skirting: this kind of tree trimming becomes necessary if your large tree is growing up against your house and inhibiting your home’s functionality. Having a large tree growing directly against your house could lead to the damage of your house’s gutters so tree skirting is a wise preventative.
  • Deadwooding: if your large tree has an attached dead limb or a widow maker, you need deadwooding services. Dead limbs pose a security threat and should be taken care of immediately through deadwooding.
  • Wind sailing: if you are concerned about your large tree being blown over in a windstorm, Lineage Tree Care can send a team to wind sail your tree as preventative maintenance. Wind sailing is the selective removal of branches to allow wind to pass easily through.


Hedge Trimming Services In Sammamish WA

In order to have a fit and robust hedge (you know, the kind that is found in the English countryside), you should be periodically having your hedge professionally trimmed. To avoid letting your hedge become a tree, you should schedule to have it professionally trimmed every 6-10 months as a general rule.

If you would like to create a hedge, Lineage Tree Care can help you with that too! We have successfully sculpted many hedges and are able to acquire the optimal hedge shape for Sammamish homeowners.


View Clearing Services In Sammamish WA

Having a view obstruction is a problem that frustrates many Sammamish homeowners. If you have a good view that you would like cleared, our team at Lineage Tree Care can help you using one of three methods.

  1. Tree removal: we can fall or section your tree is you choose to have it completely removed.
  2. Tree skirting: we can skirt your tree, removing only the branches that are obscuring your view.
  3. Tree thinning: our team can increase your visibility by selectively thinning the branches that are obscuring your view.


Stump Removal Services For Sammamish Homeowners

If you have a stump that is in need of removal, our team can take care of it for you! 

Using our stump removal equipment, we will grind the stump down to grade so that it’s impossible to tell that it was ever there to begin with.


Storm & Debris Clean-up Services In Sammamish

If a recent storm has blown through Sammamish, you are probably in need of debris clean-up services. Our team will come to your Sammamish home equipped with trucks, chippers, and tools and will help you with the following tasks:

  • Removing tree branches that have landed on top of your house or other structures on your property.
  • Removing loose or damaged branches from trees. 
  • Chipping all tree debris. 
  • Removing the chips and all the debris (if you would like to keep chips please let us know in advance).


Hire A Reliable Tree Removal Company In Sammamish Today

Our team of tree care professionals has been proudly serving Sammamish home and business owners for many years, helping them achieve their desired outdoor aesthetic and increase the functionality of their homes. 

Contact our team of tree experts today – 1735 211th Way NE, Sammamish, WA 98074, United States, with your questions or to schedule our team to visit your home.


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Sammamish tree careLineage Tree Care is your go-to for tree removal, stump grinding, pruning, view clearing and hedge trimming for Snohomish and King County. Call or contact for a free estimate or quote. Our friendly, prompt and responsible staff takes the time to understand exactly what you want and need and will provide the tree service you’ve been looking for.

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Lineage Tree Care proudly provides quality tree care services including:

For Sammamish People

Located just east downtown Seattle is the beautiful area around Lake Sammamish called the city of Sammamish. The city has their own rules and regulations when it comes to tree management and it’s important to know these rules before chopping down any old tree on your property.

There are several different types of permits for both healthy and hazard trees, unhealthy trees and imminent threat trees.
If you have a healthy tree that you simply want to be removed on your property it’s important to understand the rules. There is a permit required for any type of tree removal in the city of Sammamish even on your own property. This applies to developed single-family residential properties, commercial properties, proposed developments and speculative clearing. A coniferous tree with a diameter of 8 inches or more or a deciduous tree with a diameter of 12 inches or more is considered a significant tree and may require its own permits.

What about Hazardous Trees?

Property owners may elect to remove healthy, hazardous or detrimental trees on their property depending on the proper zoning and presence of regulated critical areas. However, a permit is always required and properties zoned R–1, R–4, and R–6 without critical area features may remove Between Two and 10 Trees per Year or No More Than a Specified Percentage Depending on the Parcel Size. I know that this sounds like a lot of hassle but it’s important not to get fined.

Don’t get stressed, just call us for answers or a quote

At Lineage Tree Care we make sure that you’re doing everything to code, above board, and with a permit if necessary. If you’re planning take down a tree for any reason on your property contact either us or the city to find out about rules, regulations and to fill out a permit before tackling any major tree removal. Simple pruning or hedging can be done without permits if it’s not an invasive or detrimental procedure. If you’re unsure, simply call us at 425-289-8535.

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