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We love our trees because they protect us from storms, give us shade, beautify our yard, and even produce fruit. However, sometimes tree trimming in Kirkland is necessary. Like many people, you may search for “tree pruning service near me” or “tree trim service near me.”

Before choosing a local tree trimming service, it’s essential to know some basics. Namely, you should know the differences between trimming trees and tree pruning services, how much they cost, the benefits, and who to hire.

This quick guide from Lineage Tree Care will tell you everything you need to know about tree trimming services in Kirkland, WA.


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Tree Trimming Vs. Tree Pruning – Know the Difference


While people sometimes use both terms side-by-side, a few key differences exist between tree trimming and pruning. Essentially, tree trimming services trim and cut overgrown leaves and branches. Besides boosting curb appeal, this process also clears space.

Meanwhile, tree pruning removes dead or diseased branches or fixes a tree’s overall structure. This process can help a tree live longer and healthier.

Additionally, both methods often use different equipment and techniques. The correct tree trimming in Kirkland will know what strategies to use.


Reasons for Trimming/Pruning a Tree in Kirkland


Many reasons exist for using a pruning or tree trimming service in Kirkland, WA.

The first reason is purely for aesthetic purposes. Large tree trimming makes a home and landscape look nicer. In the process, you can also promote healthier, more vigorous trees.

Homeowners are sometime over-trim or over-prune. However, the best tree trimming in Kirkland will boost your property’s value while caring for your trees’ health.


Benefits of Having Tree Trimming/Tree Pruning in Kirkland


  • Healthier, Longer-Lasting Trees: Like animals, trees can develop diseases. By removing diseased or dead branches, you’re helping your trees grow the way they should.
  • Creates More Space: A trimming company can remove dense branches, creating more space. Besides improving views from your house, this service prevents trees from reaching roofs, powerlines, buildings, etc.
  • Eliminates Other Safety Concerns: An overgrown tree can also be a safety hazard during strong winds or storms. Additionally, branches can fall from above, damaging property and harming anyone passing by. A knowledgeable tree trimming service minimizes these risks.
  • Can help you Better Plan your Landscape: People often search for a “tree trimmer near me” to improve the overall look of their landscape. For example, you can modify your trees to appear in a particular shape or style.


Cost of Tree Trimming/Pruning Services in Kirkland


When Googling “tree pruning near me,” you’re bound to wonder about the average tree trimming estimates. However, every project is different, with a tree trimming company having to account for:

  • Total time to complete the project
  • Location and any safety risks
  • The type and age of the tree

The best tree trimming in Kirkland service combines affordable tree trimming with top-notch quality.


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