Even though we’re not quite into storm season yet, fall is right around the corner and we will be getting more and more windy days, cloudy days and eventually rainy, stormy days. So what happens if you have to deal with a storm damaged tree on your property?

The Best Way to Deal with Storm Damaged Trees

First, assess the damage.

Obviously, you know if you have a damaged tree but if you have several acres, it’s important to walk your fence line or the property boundary line after a major storm to check for any damage. Verify if any trees are an immediate hazard such as landing on a vehicle, building, someone else’s property, or damage to animals or fence lines.

Ask a local tree service specialist for help.

  • If you are unsure when to ask for help, here’s a good rule of thumb:
  • If a branch has been pulled or split out of the tree
  • If more than 50% of the branches in the crown of the tree is broken or missing
  • If the tree is leaning with evidence of root lifting or breakage
  • If there’s a large crack in a tree affecting 50% or more of the main trunk
  • If the tree looks like it could be a danger to animals, fence lines, vehicles or property

As much as you probably want to take care of yourself, this could be a hazardous situation. You never know if the tree is going to split further, sending shards of wood in all directions or uprooting the tree further trapping or pinning parts or all of you. Bracing or cabling a tree is usually not recommended but it should be done by a professional, especially on valuable trees that you might want to keep.

Try not to panic and remove all of your trees.

Just because one tree fell or split, doesn’t mean they all will during the next storm. Consider environmental factors anesthetics and talk to a professional before implementing the all or nothing mentality.

Try not to cut corners.

Many people try the inexpensive or cheap options such as using their neighbor’s chainsaw or removing hazardous limbs yourself, but without proper tree care knowledge, you could add more damage to the tree or surrounding property or worse yet, yourself.

If the time comes where you have the storm damaged trees, give us a call. We specialize in storm cleanup and proper removal or protection of trees on your property.