We run across a lot of interesting ideas when it comes to tree care and some old wives tales about cutting a tree, topping a tree, or caring for tree wounds, but these are some of the most popular tree care myths and we’re going to debunk them today.

Myth #1. Paint a tree wound to help it heal.Popular Tree Care Myths Debunked

This is actually a very common myth and people think that painting a tree that’s been cut or pruned could prevent insects or disease, but it actually doesn’t help. Trees don’t repair damage or infection but instead grow a barrier that seals it from an harmful tissue. Fit trees don’t need any help in this process. If we interfere with paint, we might cause more long-term damage than just letting the tree heal itself.

Myth #2. You should prune branches close to the trunk.

Actually, pruning too close to the trunk can cause decay and disease and ultimately could kill the tree if done incorrectly. Down by the base of a branch is the branch color. Trees need this part of the limb to remain fit and undamaged. When pruning a young tree, leave a few inches at the base of the branch. Bigger trees should have professional tree removal and tree pruning assistance.

Popular Tree Care Myths DebunkedMyth #3. All trees have deep roots.

In reality, most trees have wide and shallow roots staying near the surface where the soil is loose, it can get oxygen, and soak up water from the ground. Most of the time root systems are wider than its canopy and can easily be damaged by construction or heavy activity right on top of the roots.

Myth #4. Topping a tree is a good way to prune it.

Topping a tree is actually one of the worst things you can do to a tree. It removes too many of the tree’s branches and leaves causing it to get sick and be susceptible to disease. It’s better to wind-sail the tree and thin out larger branches by a professional rather than topping it.

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