tree crown reduction

What is Crown Reduction?

Tree crown reduction is a pruning technique that removes weight from the end of branches and allows the tree to heal itself back to a fit, growing lateral branch. This process reduces long, heavy branches as well as removing any limbs that may have defects or disease. The result is a smaller crown or top of the tree without reducing the integrity of the tree itself.

Benefits of Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is usually considered for trees that have grown too large, have large, overextended branches, or as an alternative to tree topping. As trees get older, they will need some sort of crown reduction pruning or maintenance, otherwise, they could be unruly. If you’re trying to keep a tree within a certain size or location, crown reduction might be the ideal option. Over time, branches and the tree trunk can develop cracks which could lead to decay or an infestation of pests. Crown reduction can take the stress off of the tree at poor attachment points.

crown reduction pruning

An attachment point is a branch of the tree that has bark on it. Poor attachment points can be a cause of failure and the sudden branch drop. When a large tree removed other trees around it can be exposed to wins and hazardous weather. With the company of other trees or buildings nearby, the tree does not develop a strong root system. When these other trees or structures are removed, it may not be able to handle storms. Tree crown reduction might be ideal in these situations. It can prevent major damage and windstorms, it can encourage new growth in an unfit tree, and it can prevent torsional cracks. These are cracks in branches that can cause a sudden branch drop or damage to the tree.

This is really the best option rather than tree topping. Topping is an outdated pruning technique that can cut off all supply to the top part of the tree and cause the tree to suffer from failure and may actually kill the tree. Crown reduction is really the best option.

If you’re unsure if crown reduction is the best option for your trees, give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss an estimate and the best way to save the tree and create stability within the trunk.