How Do I Know I Need Tree Removal?

If you’re not too sure you need a tree removed on your property there are a few signs to let you know. Here are some of the most common reasons you’ll need a tree removed from your property.

#1. Dead wood.

You might not be able to spot dead wood throughout the fall and winter until spring comes. If there’s a large branch with sections of bark falling off of it, the tree is probably dead. Plus, if it never sprouted new leaves, needles or buds over the summer and spring, it’s probably dead. The longer a dead tree stands, the more fragile it becomes at all it takes is for a good windstorm to knock it down.

If you just have a smaller branch of dead wood, it might be fine to leave alone larger branch that could be a hazard or fall on pets, people, buildings or vehicles, it’s probably time to remove it.

How Do I Know I Need Tree Removal?

#2. Widow maker.

The term “widow maker” is a term for a branch that’s been severed from a tree and is currently hanging loose suspended on other branches. It’s ready to fall and when a storm comes along, it can fall and damage people, vehicles or buildings. If it is large enough, it could also take down a few other branches on its way down. It’s really important to call professional with these type of branches because makers are responsible for 11% of all chainsaw accidents in the US annually.

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#3. Leaning Tree.

If a tree is leaning a certain direction and you’ve noticed it’s been leaning more and more each year, it may be time to take it out. Is the tree leaning over a driveway, road, building or vehicle? Is the tree dropping more needles, limbs and leaves than normal? These are signs it’s time to take the tree out. These can be tricky too because they will usually fall in the direction they are leaning and you don’t want it to damage anything. This is where a professional can really help to save the items under the tree and take it out effectively.

#4. Pruning and planting.

Pruning is a great thing to do in the springtime, whether it’s fruit trees, deciduous or coniferous, before flowers and leaves really start to come out. Trees need to be pruned while they are still dormant. In order to prune a dead, diseased or unsafe tree branch, you’ll need to do it before the tree actually wakes up. If you wait until summer, there’s a greater chance of disease and insects affecting your tree. During the winter and early spring is also a good time to plant new trees. This gives them the chance to take root, hold and thrive. As soon as trees start to bed out, it’s an important step to apply fertilizer.

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Still unsure? Give us a call for expert care and advice about removing dead trees or limbs.

Image by Doug Beckers