Removing a tree in an emergency can be stressful, but there are things you can do and not do that make it even more stressful. When dealing with a tree that is in need of removal, remember these 5 tips.

Emergency Tree Removal in Bothell - 5 Tips

#1. Don’t get too close.

Don’t make this emergency turn into another one. If it’s a large tree that has split or is hanging haphazardly from a wire or another tree just leave it until a professional tree removal service can take care of it. It’s important to steer clear of it and keep any passersby clear of it as well if you can. Put out cones or tape to keep people from walking underneath the tree. If the tree is hanging on a utility wire, call the utility company right away.

#2. If the tree has hit a house or vehicle, inform your insurance company.

Take pictures and let your insurance company know of the damage and what to do about it. A professional tree service can still take care of the issue but insurance may need to pay for it.

#3. Stay calm.

The tendency is to get a little freaked out but it’s important to stay calm. Neighbors may also be escalating the issue and adding to the drama so try and remember this and keep them clear as well. Assess the damage; if a chair, bench or birdbath is damaged, it’s not an emergency to get that cleared out just yet. Be patient if it’s not an emergency. If someone is trapped under the tree, call 911.

Emergency Tree Removal in Bothell - 5 Tips

#4. Storm-damaged trees may be more work.

The job may not be as simple as a regularly scheduled tree removal job. Depending on the height of the tree, the damage done and the danger of the situation, time and fees may be more. If your insurance covers it, it’s important to get an estimate and get the job done as quickly as possible.

#5. Call a professional.

Even if you have a chainsaw in your garage, calling a professional that understands how trees work and how they can swing back or fall is essential to keeping people safe. Give us a call if you have had a hazardous tree in Bothell or surrounding neighborhoods fall and cause issues. We want to help and get the situation alleviated as soon as we can.

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