Tree Removal Review in Bothell

Had a beautiful Douglas Fir in very tight quarters that sadly needed to be removed. I can not say enough how great and respectful the entire team was to us and our property. Great work ethic and got the big job done before their promised deadline. Highly recommend for any job big or small. Nick H.

Tree Removal Review in Bothell Washington

A lot of times we have to remove a tree that sadly, people just don’t want to be removed. I’ve literally had a woman cry because she was so sad to see a tree go that she knew was hazardous, but that she had planted it from a small seedling. We get it. We want to be respectful of your time, your emotions, and your property. Some people are ecstatic when a tree gets removed and opens up the view or eliminates the risk of a hazardous situation, but other times, people are just sad to see trees go.

Tree Removal Review in Bothell WashingtonI once had a lady that stops me on the side of the road and told me how bad it was that I was removing trees from someone else’s property. She said I was damaging the environment, but, somebody’s property might be far more damaged had I not removed a diseased and dying tree. This not only affects the property and anything under the tree, but it could lead to problems for neighboring trees.

We don’t just look at the fitness of one tree, or the tree that we are going to remove, but the fitness of all the trees surrounding it. If there are other affected trees, or the removal could negatively affect the surrounding trees, we take that very seriously. A lot of times trees will cling on to the root system of other trees making them stronger and more resilient. If we remove a tree, especially if we do stump grinding of the remaining trunk, it could greatly affect the stability of surrounding trees.

For Bothell tree removal, if you own the tree on a single-family lot that you want removed, you can do that with any permits or regulations. They do ask that you notify neighbors that you’re removing a large tree, especially if it’s close to their property line.