Benefits of Stump Grinding in Bothell

When we remove a tree naturally there’s a large stump left over. Depending on how big the tree was, the stump could be anywhere from 6 inches to 3 feet across, and that leaves quite a large unusable plot of land in its space. Most of the time we use stump grinding as a way to get rid of the stump completely and make the land usable again. With stump grinding, there’s no holes left in your yard and it keeps your yard safe and beautiful.

So, should you consider stump grinding after tree removal or even if you’ve just had a stump or trunk in the backyard that’s created an eyesore for a hazard?

Removing a stump has many benefits such as keeping your yard safe by eliminating tripping hazards, slivers, and extras yard maintenance. It also eliminates the possibility of disease, termites, ants, bees, and snakes.

Benefits of Stump Grinding in Bothell

There is a difference, however, between stump grinding and stump removal. Choosing stump grinding over removal provides less impact on your landscaping and minimal cost. There’s no hole to fill in because the grinding’s from the stump can be used as mulch. You can simply use grass seed right over the top with a little bit of fertilizer and you’re good to go.

Unlike stump removal, there’s no damage to your landscaping and there won’t be a large hole to fill after the stump is out. The grinding’s, as well as a lot of the dirt around the trunk, are used to fill in the space left by the stump.

When you choose to have a tree removed and/or the stump removed, the cost for grinding includes grinding the step at least 6 inches below the ground and filling in the stump hole by raking in the debris and any dirt.

Benefits of Stump Grinding in Bothell

So, why call in the pros when it comes to stump grinding? For one thing, we have special tools and machines specifically designed to grind stumps and leave your yard looking pristine and even. The last thing you want is for neighboring trees to be disturbed or even worse having a gas line, propane line, or electrical line cut. If you choose to leave the stump, you can have residual issues where the stump actually decides to grow back, causing more problems for your yard.

Stump grinding really makes the most obvious sense when you’re having a tree removed. Even if you had that stump sitting in your backyard for years that the kids have jumped off of, little varmints have made homes in, and has become an eyesore, we can have it removed, ground down so that it looks like there was never anything there to begin with.

With you need tree removal, stump removal, or both, give Lineage Tree Care a call today. Find out a free estimate on our website or give us a call and discuss your issue with us today.

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