Whether you are cleaning up after a storm, removing trees that could be hazardous or dead, or simply clearing a lot, some interesting things to know about tree removal.

Can I Use Tree Spikes When Pruning Large Trees?

Image courtesy of Moody.AF

Boot spurs.

when completely removing a tree we will use boot spurs that will penetrate the tree bark and stick into the wood beneath. These are definitely not something to wear while pruning a large tree. If you plan on keeping the tree, we will use other types of materials, but when a tree is completely being removed, these are the best materials for the job.

Protection first.

Our harnesses are equipped with certain carabiners and D rings for different attachment points so that we stay secure while removing the tree.

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Look out below.

Whether we use a crane or truck, or we’ve climbed the tree, branch segments will fall to the ground. Our team usually has a ground person that can take over if fatigue sets in. Our team is prepared and we inform homeowners or business owners of any dangers while we are there. Sudden branch drop can be an issue from dead or dying limbs when we start aggravating the tree.

Stump grinding for mulch

Just the trunk.

Once we’ve removed most of the branches, we will attach yourself to the tree trunk using a three-point system. We want our feet firmly spiked into the wood as we take the tree down from the top.

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One cut at a time.

We make sure that we have the smallest possible saw that can get the job done efficiently. Just because you think are saw may be too small for the job, with our experience, this is the best way to remove limbs when necessary.

The right tool for the job.

If need be, we will have a crane attached to the larger sections of the trunk as they are being removed to prevent any damage underneath the tree. Of course, we always want everyone to completely clear the area so that only our professional experts are handling the job from the ground to the top of the tree.

Bit by bit.

Section by section the tree comes down. If leveled off or ground down into the stump. Limbs and sections are then shredded and make excellent mulch for flowerbeds or around fruit trees.

Did You Know This About Tree Removal?

Trunk left behind?

If you have several trees that were left standing, you can simply turn them into a great climbing apparatus for climbing hydrangeas, wisteria, or other Ivy.

Removing a tree is quite a process and it helps to have a professional tree removal team ready to go.