Has a tree died on your property? A professional arborist will usually recommend that you safely remove it as soon as possible. However, although dead tree removal seems straightforward, this task can be exceptionally dangerous, as the Lineage Tree Care experts share below.

Dead Tree Removal

What Is Dead Tree Removal?

Whether you’re removing a dead tree or a live tree from your property, the hazards involved may be more similar than you might imagine. Dead tree removal poses a few more dangers that you don’t have to worry about with live specimens, though.

A tree that’s dying or dead isn’t easy to remove. Plus, if the tree is decaying, leaning, or posing some other imminent threat to the property or people below it, a timely removal is essential. The longer you let a dead tree sit on your property, the greater the risk you’re taking.

Common Dangers of Dead Trees & Removal

Why is it dangerous to have a dead tree around?

Physical Hazards

A dead tree can’t support itself. If it leans, it could fall at any moment. Dead branches also fall without warning, causing property damage or injuries.

Environmental Impact

When trees grow, they shelter wildlife and hold soil in place. When one dies, regardless of the tree species, it causes problems like soil erosion, habitat loss, and more.

Legal Liability Issues

Could a dead tree on your property fall? If it hits someone or something, the cost of tree removal will seem minor.

Safety Measures and Precautions With Dead Tree Stump Removal

If you try to remove the dead tree yourself without the right experience, you could injure yourself by misusing equipment. The safest approach is to call professionals like Lineage Tree Care for experienced arborists to handle the job.

An arborist is a professional who specializes in tree care and will have the equipment to remove the tree safely. These tree care teams can also tell you how a tree died because, if it was due to a disease, it would be crucial to ensure it doesn’t spread to surrounding trees.

Dead Tree Removal Near Me Alternatives

No matter the cause of your tree’s death, it’s likely that you will need to completely remove the dead tree to avoid the risks above. However, there are some instances where you can choose alternative solutions that could be less involved. For example:

  • Restoration might be possible. Is your tree dying but not completely dead yet? Professional tree services might be able to heal it.
  • Pruning might help. Does it only seem to be one section of the tree affected? An arborist could remove infected or dead branches with some strategic trimming and pruning.

Protect Your Property and Environment—Hire Professional Arborists!

If you’re looking for “dead tree removal near me,” contact Lineage Tree Care to take care of the hazardous tree. Our local team offers professional dead tree stump removal, tree removal, and more. Contact us for a free estimate for dead trees & removal services today!