Should I cut dead branches off my tree? Making the final cut – chopping that dead branch or limb can really help your tree but here’s why. By pruning it or cutting dead branches on tree, it lets the other branches grow more evenly and allows for the nutrients to get where they need to go.

Will Cutting Off Dead Branches Help my Tree?

If there is a dead branch but it’s still attached, the tree may be putting more energy into keeping that branch alive rather then focusing on the good branches and the overall fitness of the tree. By removing the dead limb, the tree can now focus on all the fit limbs, not just one sick one.

How to Prune a Dying Tree

If you want a strong tree for life, pruning is essential. Well-pruned trees can withstand storms and wind damage as they focus on strengthening the branches they do have rather than dividing up all their strength in little twigs and limbs.

Prune also for security. If there is a limb that hanging on or even broke off completely but is hanging there, it can be a big hazard if a wind comes along. These dead branches can not only fall but cause a lot of mess too. As the branch dies, the water dries up inside making the limb very brittle, when it does fall, it can shatter into thousands of pieces making a mess. This is where pruning dead branches is applicable.

It also can fall on cars, pets, houses, or kids and be a real threat. It’s best to remove these or have a tree service professional do this for you. Climbing up into trees and reaching out to remove branches can be a dangerous task indeed. Leave it to the people that have the right protection and equipment.

When correctly pruning dead branches, these dead branches will not grow back, which is a good thing if you are trying to maintain a look and design for the tree. But there are ways to prune and times to prune that are better than others.

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