Gorgeous, well-manicured hedges can do wonders for any Washington state property. Hiring a professional hedge trimming service is one of the best ways to maintain your hedges’ appearance, health, and overall quality. Our team at Lineage Tree Care can teach you about hedge trimming and how it can make your exterior property look better than ever.

professional hedge trimming


What Is Hedge Trimming?

Hedge trimming improves the shape of your property’s hedges so they look their best and maintain optimal health. It consists of removing oversized, damaged, or blemished limbs to enhance the hedge’s appearance and growth, as well as your property’s curb appeal. 

Unkempt hedges can distract from your property’s beautiful features while making it look uninviting. Although homeowners can prune their hedges themselves, it doesn’t always provide the best results and can even damage the hedges. Arborists use professional hedge-trimming tools and understand proper techniques that will take your hedges’ appeal to new heights while preserving their well-being.


Best Time To Trim Your Hedges

Many Washington homeowners believe they can trim hedges during any season without adversely affecting their growth or health. However, hedges benefit from trimming more during specific seasons than others.

Experts recommend hiring professional hedge trimming during winter or early spring. Most hedges become dormant during the winter and won’t experience stunning or harm if you prune them before mid-spring. It also ensures your hedges look nice and pristine once warm temperatures set in, allowing them to thrive while enhancing your home’s exterior appeal.

That said, you can trim your hedges through summer if necessary. Just be wary of bird nests and try to keep them to a minimum unless you hire a hedge trimming professional. 

Also, some hedge varieties require trimming during specific times and have unique trimming frequency demands. Always talk to a professional arborist if you’re not sure of your hedges’ trimming demands or frequency.


When To Hire Professionals?

It’s best to hire professional hedge trimming services during late winter and early spring, but some hedges need additional trimming later on in the year. If you notice any of the following, contact a professional arborist for hedge trimming services in Washington state.


Your Hedges Look Uneven

Many hedges grow unevenly and look awkward and unappealing. One side might look overgrown while the other maintains its captivating shape. A professional arborist will trim the hedge to even out its structure so it continues enhancing your property through every season.


The Hedge Looks Unhealthy

Hedges often experience diseases and structural damage that can have disastrous effects on their health. They often wilt, become discolored, or form black/brown spots along their leaves when they become unhealthy. A professional arborist can remove damaged or disease-ridden limbs while nurturing the hedge back to health.


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