While natural landscapes are wildly beautiful and interesting, having an ill-placed tree stump is often considered to be more of a burden than a masterpiece of nature. Not only is a stump an eyesore in your landscape, but it also creates a less convenient space (attempting to mow around a stump is one of the most frustrating undertakings). 

Grinding tree roots is a convenient solution that can be used to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your yard. Stump grinding is used to remove the visible part of trees that are not serving a practical or aesthetic purpose so that your landscape can be uninterrupted and maximally functional.

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after stump grinding

Stump Grinding Process

The stump grinding process is fairly straightforward, quick, and cost-efficient.

If you intend to do your own stump grinding, all you’ll need is a rented stump grinder, eye protection, earplugs, a shovel, and a wheelbarrow before beginning your project. 

Once you’ve acquired all the necessary equipment, carefully position your stump grinder over the stump that you intend to remove. Turn the machine on and slowly lower it down on the stump (make sure that you don’t move the grinder too fast as this may cause it to jam and stop working). 

Stump grinders utilize sharp, rotating blades to chip away at the stump until it is flush with the ground. Once you’ve finished grinding the stump, you will be left with a lot of woodchips which you can easily dispose of with a shovel and wheelbarrow. 

Stump Grinding Benefits

In terms of effectiveness, affordability, and ease, stump grinding is an ideal landscaping tool for a number of reasons. 

Some of the biggest benefits of stump grinding include: 

  • Creating a more aesthetically pleasing landscape by removing ill-placed stumps from your space. 
  • Improving yard functionality.
  • Regaining lost yard space. 
  • Increased yard and home safety. 
  • Prevention of pest infestation. 
  • Stump grinding is a quick and cost-effective landscaping solution.

Stump Grinding vs Tree Removal

Does stump grinding remove roots? 

Stump grinding deals exclusively with the portion of the tree that is visible and above-ground — not the roots. This means that the stump will be gone but the roots will remain and still may be a nuisance. 

If you want the root removed as well as the stump, opt for a stump removal service instead of stump grinding. Stump removal ensures that the entire stump — roots and all — are removed and not just the visible portion of the tree. 

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