Stumps are ugly leftovers from cutting down trees. If you don’t want one on your property, you may have considered using a stump grinder. In this blog post, the arborists at Lineage Tree Care present the following guide on stump grinders, how they work, and which one you should use for your property.

Stump Grinders

What Is a Stump Grinder?

Tree stump grinders perform the exact function that their name suggests: breaking down stumps into small pieces so that you can dispose of the debris. Though we recommend saving money by calling a stump grinding tree service rather than buying a machine outright, landscapers and other professionals may find stump grinders useful for their work. Stump grinders function differently depending on how tough a stump is, its location, and size. Stump grinder classifications include track vs. wheel, power specifications, method of operation, grinding attachments, etc.


How a Stump Grinder Works

Stump grinders use rotating cutting discs to chop stumps and tree roots into small pieces of wood and sawdust. Because stumps are often stubborn and hard to remove, stump grinders work best to get rid of these eyesores. You can sometimes rent or purchase used stump grinders from your local hardware store. 

You operate some of the best stump grinders by simply walking behind and pushing them. Other stump grinders work by operating a stationary control panel. 


Different Types of Stump Grinders 

Here is a short explanation of different types of stump grinders.


Wheeled Walk-Behind Stump Grinders

Wheeled walk-behind grinders perform well on rough patches of ground and can chop up a stump quickly. Their large size makes them fantastic for residential properties.


Handlebar or Hand-guided Stump Grinders

Handlebar stump grinders are the most popular models for homeowners. These grinders are small and feature easy controls to operate the machine. They are compact and can fit in a standard SUV or truck.


Tracked Walk-behind Stump Grinders

Tracked walk-behind grinders, like this one, function the same as wheeled walk-behinds but use tracks instead of wheels. They require a trailer for transport. 


Tips on Using a Stump Grinder

When using a stump grinder, remember that chips will go flying as you work. Be careful and wear protective gear. Check the proximity of buildings to ensure the model you choose to buy/rent is small enough to fit through tight spaces (if the building is close). 

With some models, such as the handlebar stump grinder, applying too much downward force can cause the machine to malfunction. And, if you’ve never used a stump grinder before, this job is not as easy as it looks. Alternatively, the cost of stump grinding by professional arborists is quite affordable, meaning you can save time and potential damages by calling a pro. 



If you need a “stump grinder near me” in Snohomish, WA, contact Lineage Tree Care. We offer affordable pricing to grind stumps and have multiple stump grinders to get the job done efficiently. Contact us to grind one or multiple stumps today.