Getting out the clippers and preparing to prune a weeping cherry can inspire apprehension in any homeowner. There are so many branches! Where do you start? How do you prune a weeping cherry tree? 

If you find yourself in the situation of needing to prune your weeping cherry tree — take heart! Weeping cherry pruning is easier than it looks and if you follow the tips below you’ll have your tree pruned and flourishing in no time. 

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about pruning weeping cherry trees or if you’re still not feeling up for it, call Lineage Tree Care to schedule a visit from one of our professional arborists. 

How to Trim a Weeping Cherry Tree

How To Prune a Weeping Cherry Tree

When it comes to pruning a weeping cherry tree, you’ll be glad to learn that most homeowners can take care of the pruning themselves without too much trouble.

General pruning weeping cherry tree tips include:

  • Remove all suckers.
  • Prune dead branches. 
  • Trim the weeping cherry tree so that the branches hover six-inches above the ground.
  • Make sure that the spacing between branches is adequate and that no branches are growing over each other (something which could lead to disease).
  • Continue gently trimming until you’ve reached the desired shape. 

Continue reading for tips on how to prune grafted and dwarf weeping cherry trees. 

Grafted Weeping Cherry Tree Pruning Tips 

While many of the pruning tips are the same for grafted as well as natural weeping cherry trees, the main difference is that when you are pruning a grafted weeping cherry tree, you should prune branches that do not weep (i.e. branches that are growing straight up). If you wish to maintain the weeping cherry tree look, you need to prune these branches. 

Please note that this tip only applies to grafted weeping cherry trees and should not be used on natural weeping cherry trees. 

How To Trim a Dwarf Weeping Cherry Tree

When it comes to dwarf weeping cherry tree care pruning, follow the general instructions listed above for pruning regular weeping cherry trees.

The main difference between dwarf weeping cherry trees and regular weeping cherries is that dwarf weeping cherry trees don’t get as tall (12-feet is usually the max height for a dwarf weeping cherry tree). 

Besides the height difference, the weeping cherry tree pruning and maintenance are the same. 

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