Most of us like trees in general. But, can they really be good for the environment of our own property? Sure, they admit oxygen and we obviously need them to survive, but do they have to be on our own property?

This is an interesting topic because even if people don’t like trees on their property, you may change your mind after realizing all the benefits of having a tree right outside your front door.

Benefits of trees

#1. Privacy and noise reduction.

You may not have noticed it but without the trees on your property, it could be a lot louder. Trees actually absorb the noise so if you have a busy freeway or road next your property or construction going on, the trees actually absorb that noise making it quieter on your property. Plus, there’s no denying that trees make great privacy barriers. They can conceal a small area for privacy around the hot tub, barbecue or patio area, or simply to detract anyone looking into your backyard.

#2. They can add value to your property.

Properties that have trees can increase the value. It can achieve a balanced curb appeal and dramatically increase the chances that your home could sell. Spring flowering trees make great accents for front yards and neighborhoods with trees along the sidewalks can increase the value tremendously.

#3. Promotes wildlife.

Now, you may not want a Cinderella-type situation in your backyard, but, trees can provide a home for local wildlife which can lessen the impact of human activity on our ecosystem. Trees on the perimeter of your property can attract most species of birds, squirrels, chipmunks and even bats (for mosquito elimination) and they have the least likelihood of being disturbed. All of these things can really add benefit to your home and our environment.

Why Trees are Good For Your Property

#4. Shade.

One of the most obvious benefits to trees is shade. Deciduous trees lose their leaves seasonally but the perfect thing to maximize shade in the summer and spring. Because they lose their leaves in the winter, they can allow more sunlight to come through toward your home in the winter. If you haven’t planted any trees yet, consider planting these types of trees on the southern and western sides of your home to maximize their sunlight blocking power. Mature deciduous trees in the right place could cut your energy costs by up to 15%.

Trees are amazing and even though we specialize in removing trees when they are dead, diseased, dangerous or dying, they can provide a wealth of fitness, sustainability, and benefits to your home and property. And we don’t want to forget that they can provide food! Fruit and nut trees make excellent barriers and provide food!

Image by Wonderlane