Tree trimming is one of the best ways to get a fuller, improved, and more aesthetically pleasing landscape.

Whether your reasons for needing tree trimming services are aesthetic or practical, contact Lineage Tree Care today. Our team of professionals would be happy to answer your tree trimming questions and discuss your tree trimming needs and our tree trimming cost per hour. 

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Tree Triming Cost


How Much Does Tree Trimming Service Cost? 

Tree trimming cost depends on a few factors:

  1. How tall the tree is. Trees up to 25-feet tall are classified as small trees and are consequently less expensive to have trimmed. Trees that are over 50-feet tall are considered large trees and can cost much more to have trimmed and maintained.
  2. Where the tree is located. When it comes to tree trimming, location matters — a lot. If your tree is in a difficult to reach location, then the cost of tree trimming could be affected.
  3. The Strength of the tree. If your tree has pest infestation or disease it may need treating as well as trimming. This could cause your tree trimming bill to rise, as diseased trees are usually more difficult and potentially dangerous to trim.
  4. How many trees you need to be trimmed. The number of trees you are having trimmed will affect how much you end up paying for a tree trimming service.

So, how much does it cost for tree trimming? Typically, the cost ranges between $520 and $1,400. Where your tree falls on this scale depends on the four factors above. 

Benefits of Hiring a Tree Trimming Service

While trimming your own trees might be a tempting idea, there are so many benefits to hiring a professional tree trimming service to do it for you. 

Some of the benefits of working with a tree trimming service include:

  • Security. It’s much secure to hire a tree trimming service that is outfitted with all of the gear needed to securely trim your tree. 
  • Tree shaping. Attempting to shape and trim your own trees is a hit-or-miss undertaking. You might end up with a properly shaped tree or the complete opposite. Avoid unsightly mistakes by hiring a tree trimming service.
  • Practicality. Tree trimming services equip employees with hardhats, ladders, and trimming equipment that most homeowners don’t have access to. Without adequate tools, it is nearly impossible to achieve a satisfactory landscape.
  • Time. Tree trimming services know how to get their job done efficiently. Rather than spending an entire weekend trimming your own trees, hire a professional that can get it done in a matter of hours.

Hire a Tree Trimming Service Near You

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