This Tree Just Keeps Coming Back!

“We have some type of Willow in the backyard that continues to grow all the time. We cut it down three times and it just keeps growing. It has literally grown into a full-size tree three times. At first, I would take clippings off of the lands and use them as tomatoes stakes but then I noticed that the sticks actually took root and started growing their own branches and now I have two or three trees from those sticks. It’s almost as bad as a bamboo, and although I don’t mind them, how do I get the main tree to stay away?”

This is a common occurrence with trees that continually get cut down but not actually removed. Trees can have their roots so firm in the ground that any cuttings can it prompt new growth, especially in the spring. If you cut the tree down in the winter, it probably will not have any new growth for the new growth that will come on will be frostbitten and die anyway, back to the most prominent way to get rid of the tree is to have the entire root removed.

This can be done a few different ways; you can have the stump ground down into the soil or you can have the entire tree stump removed. Putting the entire tree stump removed can be a big ordeal, especially if those roots are spread out to neighboring property lines, under buildings or under other trees that you do want to save. Usually, the best bet is to have the stump removed and ground down as best as possible. This will likely prevent any additional growth.

Paulownia Tree

My advice in the future is not to buy that type of tree either unless it came with your property and there’s nothing you can do about it. But some of those trees are awfully hearty. Another tree that more people are becoming familiar with around the Northwest is the Paulownia Tree. This tree can grow up to 10 feet in one year and tops out at about 30 feet. It has enormous leaves that will drop off as soon as the first frost hits so it can be a litter maker for sure. But, it can also sprout its own trees from its roots. So, until you have a mature tree, it’s best to cut off any of those suckers growing up from the roots unless you want a whole forest of Paulownia trees.

Call our office today to get a quote on stump grinding and removal of any trees in your backyard that just won’t go away or if you just have an unsightly stump that you need to dispose of. A lot of the time the chips made from grinding the tree beautiful mulch to the area.

Image By Bazsek (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons