Tree Felling in Bothell Washington

Felling a tree is dangerous business. If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you’re probably apprehensive at the idea of having to cut down a tree. Trees take years or even decades to reach their current potential and give so many benefits to the surrounding area as well as oxygen and beauty to our own properties. They play such a large part in our memories so having to cut one down can’t be a little emotional for some homeowners. Even if a tree in our backyard gets sick or is disease, we feel a little bit of an attachment to it and hate to just cut them down. But sometimes, for the good of everyone on the property and the tree, it must be done.

Diseased trees must be cut down or felled so they don’t pose a danger to homes or people. If the tree i diseased it can weaken it, making it more likely to topple over during a storm or high winds. If you think your tree is sick and needs to be felt, call Lineage Tree Service for an evaluation. We can estimate trying to save the tree or removing the tree altogether.

Your security is our priority and it might be tempting to try to cut down the tree yourself, but this is not your typical DIY project. Your security matters and we have the materials and the equipment to remove the tree completely without damaging any surrounding homes, outbuildings, fences, or other equipment on the property. We know how to remove larger limbs and we also know exactly how gravity will affect the tree as we cut it down.

Lineage Tree Care has the experience and the equipment needed during a tree removal process regardless of how large it is. Large limbs of the trees and their trunks can weigh thousands of pounds so it’s important that everyone stays aware during this property and having the right equipment is really the key. We want to protect your property and we understand the value the trees provide for a property. But, if the time comes where you just not sure about removing it yourself, give us a call for an estimate. Again, we have all the equipment and necessary materials needed to remove, sell, or limit the tree on your property. Call us today for a free quote.