Tree Care After a Storm

Ice, high winds, and torrential rains can all cause damage to trees on your property. If these trees are not dealt with properly they could put you and your property at risk. Trees from storm damage can entangle with overhead power lines and falling lens could add a lot of damage to your roof. It’s easy to repair some minor damage such as removing a broken branches or jagged remains of limbs but larger projects may need the care of an arborist or tree care professional. You may need to prune some of the branches and limbs but you want to resist the urge to over prune as this can damage the tree as well. You also might want to resist the urge to power up the chainsaw as this can add more damage to the trees. It might not sound dangerous but if you don’t assess the situation beforehand, you could do more damage.

First, look to see if power lines are affected. If so, don’t approach and assume the line is energized. Call the utility company immediately and avoid touching anything near the line or venture near any brush or foliage as lines could be hidden.

Second, if it’s just a down tree or large limb, assess the situation first. If the tree is more than 20 feet tall, it’s best to contact a tree professional. Most people should not attempt any tree work from a ladder. Examine the tree and the trunk. look for decay, weak spots or hanging limbs. Check to make sure limbs are not hanging from other limbs, ready to fall on you. Is there any metal or concrete around the tree? This may indicate instability.

Also, look for any obstructions around the tree, including vehicles, structures or buildings. Removing a tree limb or tree could cause further damage to surrounding property if it’s not removed properly.

Keep children and pets far from the area.

Don’t use a chainsaw unless you have years of experience. Tree removal can be very unpredictable so don’t take unnecessary chances.

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When to hire a tree professional

If the tree is over 20 feet or the limb exceeds 10 feet in length you might want to hire a professional. Remember, we carry liability and can take care of the entire situation with experience and the proper tools. If you feel the area is unsafe in any way or removal could potentially damage other areas of the property, just give us a call. Keep pets and kids far from the area until a professional can assess it.

Give us a call. We’d love to help assess your situation and offer our expertise.