3 Reasons to have your lot cleared by Lineage Tree Care

Lot Clearing in Mill Creek Washington

Removing trees and shrubs not only adds new spaces on which to build, but it can increase your lands value as well. New space on your property create opportunities to add buildings, amenities, gardens, or just basic property maintenance. Taking care of overgrown plants or invasive species should be controlled so as not to overtake the entire property. Here are three reasons to have lineage tree care clear your lot.

#1. Construction purposes. For any team of construction workers can break ground, the land must be free of all naturally growing elements including stumps. If you’re planning on building a lot or land in Mill Creek, it cannot be done until the lot is successfully cleared of all natural plants, trees, and stops.

#2. Security issues. If the lot is home to too many old week trees it could pose an immediate threat to people, animals, equipment, or buildings. Dying trees are a major security hazard and it’s important to address them immediately.

#3. Improve land value. A large patch of trees could be out of place it within your landscape so having them cleared to better blend into the surroundings just makes good sense.

Overgrown areas of brush and trees could be a recipe for unwanted creatures such as snakes, vermin, and pests. These animals can be a threat due to diseases that they carry and could be a hindrance to you and your neighbors. Clearing the lot can be a way to read your property of these animals in a humane way without harming them and simply encouraging them to relocate.

Clearing a lot requires heavy operating machinery so we make sure all of our technicians are thoroughly trained on how to use our professional lot clearing equipment. We don’t want to damage your property as well so using the proper equipment ranging from hand tools to large excavators is required. Most urban homeowners don’t have all the required tools and machinery to properly clean, remove trees, and stumps to clear the land.

If you’re looking to clear a lot in Mill Creek or any of the surrounding cities and areas in the Puget Sound please contact our office today. With love to give you an over the phone quote or an on-site quote and estimates.

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