We all want to save a buck or two so maybe you’re considering trimming your own trees, regardless of how high, dangerous, or heavy they might be. So is it worth it?

While it can be tempting, sometimes the benefits outweigh the risks.

Can I Trim a Tree Myself? 5 Reasons You Might Want to Hire a Pro

#1. Haphazard pruning or trimming can harm a tree.

In proper pruning can actually damage the tree and cause more harm than good. The environment a tree is in helps sustain it and our trees tend to go pretty fast. Some of the most common pruning mistakes include taking too much off of the top, over pruning, or just not knowing where to cut.

#2. Pruning the wrong limbs can be dangerous to you and your home.

Between 2009 at 2015, 580 people died from injuries sustained while trimming trees on their own property. It can be hard to tell whether a branch is stable or not and because we have such tall trees in the Pacific Northwest, falls can be fatal. We also have wildlife in our trees and disturbing them can lead to injuries and if trees are next to power lines, the branches can fall onto the line and create an extremely dangerous situation.

#3. It will probably look better with a professional.

Tree removal specialists are specialists for a reason. We not only make sure that the tree is fit but we can trim it so that it looks decent as well. Proper landscaping is a good investment on your home. The rate of return on proper landscaping can give you over 150% back.

#4. We have insurance.

Sure you probably have insurance, but a professional tree removal and tree trimming service will have insurance to cover any injuries or damage to your property. That might not be the case if you damage something on your home or outbuildings while working on your own trees.

#5. We get the job done quickly.

When you hire a professional tree trimmer you can rest easy knowing the job is done quickly and right. We’ve worked with thousands of trees in the Puget Sound area and we understand the type of tree growth and specific situations that are trees can present. We will always have the right type of equipment and we are trained in equipment and professionalism.

When the time comes to prune or trim your trees whether it’s a fitness issue or cosmetic one, consider hiring a professional tree service company over the DIY method.

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