Overgrown hedges — several bushes or shrubs planted together for privacy or to mark a boundary line — can detract from your home’s curb appeal. Regular trimming is critical to keeping hedges looking their best, but many homeowners aren’t sure how to trim hedges. If you follow these tips for trimming hedges step-by-step, it won’t be long before you are hedge trimming like a pro.

How to Maintain Your Hedges 

Trimming hedges like a pro aren’t intimidating when you have some essential tips and step-by-step instructions. If you add hedge trimming to your to-do list, keep these rules in mind. 

Hand Prune and Shear Hedges

Handheld pruners or a power trimmer are ideal for cutting the ends of branches and creating a neat appearance. To ensure healthy hedges, use bypass hand pruners to trim interior branches so sunlight can reach inside the shrub. Reach inside the shrub and cut one or two branches every few feet.

Keep Hedges Narrow on Top and Wide at the Bottom 

Help hedges grow strong and healthy by trimming the top, so it’s narrower than the bottom. This ensures the bottom of the shrub gets plenty of sunlight.

Know the Difference Between Hedges and Privacy Plants

Hedges don’t provide much privacy; in most cases, they grow to a maximum of eight feet. Don’t put off trimming hedges as a way to increase privacy; instead, consider taller plants and mix trees, shrubs, and perennials for a natural look. 

Prune in the Winter 

Prune hedges in the late winter when they are dormant to support healthy growth. 

Trim Hedges Like a Pro 

Step-By-Step Trimming Guide

Here, we outline instructions step-by-step on trimming hedges to make the process easy and stress-free. 

1. Lay Down a Tarp or Open a Yard Waste Bag 

Make cleanup easy and efficient by laying a tarp or open yard waste bag underneath the hedge to catch the debris when it falls. This way, you won’t need to rake when you’re done. 

2  Get Rid of Any Dead or Diseased Branches 

Start the hedge maintenance by removing dead or diseased branches from the plant. Completely remove one-third of the oldest branches to increase sunlight and airflow to the interior of the hedge. 

3. Trim the Hedge to the Shape You Want 

Cut branches to shape the hedge to your preference. One secret to trimming hedges like a pro is to use a string line; when you keep your shears level with the line, you’ll always make a straight cut. Avoid cutting more than one-third of the length of any branch to support healthy growth.

4. Bring Out the Tarp and Compost the Trimmed Branches 

When you’re finished, remove the tarp and add the branches and debris to your compost pile. 

Connect with Hedge Trimming Services Today 

When you know how to trim hedges, keeping them healthy and looking great is easy. If you don’t feel comfortable tackling the chore yourself, or don’t have time, let the professional hedge trimming experts from Lineage Tree take care of it. Homeowners throughout Everett and Snohomish counties rely on us for top-quality tree care, so call us today at (425) 800- 8023 to schedule service.