This weekend will be one of the busiest weekends to go out and find a Christmas tree. There are a lot of different kinds of Christmas trees and if you’re looking for the right Christmas tree for your home, maybe allergies, or you just wanted to last through the New Year’s, here are some of the most common types and their benefits.

A Balsam Fir TreeThe Most Common Types of Christmas Trees and Their Advantages

This is a classic, strong Christmas tree and it has a good scent as well. You won’t lose its dark needles and it’s usually a good pyramid shape. However, it’s not that great for heavy ornaments because it has pretty flexible branches.

A Douglas Fir Tree

This is probably the most common around the Pacific Northwest. It has white or bluish-green needles that are soft to the touch and has a sweet scent. These can also be very affordable but like the Balsam, heavy ornaments may not be its strong suit.

A Noble Fir Tree

This will last all season and it’s perfect for hanging heavy ornaments. It has a classic look and it’s a good smelling tree, however, it does have shorter limbs and needles.

Blue Spruce Tree

This has a beautiful silvery blue color. It usually has a beautiful symmetrical tree shape but, it does have sharp needles and not a strong scent, and the scent it does have may be offputting. Plus, it can lose its needles rather quickly.

White Pine Tree

This a little bit harder to find around the Pacific Northwest and it has almost no scent but it does have bluish-green needles that are soft to the touch. It won’t drop a lot of its needles and it’s usually affordable. This is a good tree for those with allergic reactions to strong pine scents and most of them are pretty tall, so it works in large rooms.

Fraser Fir Tree

This is very fragrant all season long and it does a good job at holding onto its needles. However, it can be very dense, so if you like a lot of ornaments, this is a pretty compact tree.

If you’re looking for fragrance, go for a fir tree. White Firs smell citrusy and Pine is great for heavy ornaments. Find the tree that works for your area and you’ll enjoy it all season long!

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