Emergency Tree Removal

I’ve been noticing it getting windier and windier as we head into fall. Now that kids are back in school, it seems the weather instantly turned from summer to fall. I’m okay with that since I think we had a pretty good summer albeit a short one, but now that clean, crisp, nip is in the air and with it comes winter storms.

Our weather around here can really be hit or miss. We might have mild winters but then a storm will hit that’ll knock out the power to half of Puget Sound. While we don’t have to worry about hurricanes or tornadoes, some of our windstorms around here can really do some serious damage. But how do you know when you might need emergency tree removal?

Our weather can lead to an emergency tree removal because you never know when something will get knocked down, torn off, or you might have sudden branch drop, which means that a branch that seems perfectly fine could just simply fall out of the sky. One of the main reasons a tree might begin to lean or tip over is because of soil erosion. The longer we have saturated ground and then a windstorm on top of that, the chances of that tree up routing become greater. Even if a tree remains upright, soil erosion can cause the tree to become diseased and should be inspected and removed before it will actually harm anything on the ground.Emergency Tree Removal

Why disease can lead to emergency tree removal

Soil erosion is a typical cause of tree disease but, of course, trees can catch diseases from other sources such as bark removal, improper pruning, the weather, or pests. Some symptoms to look out for include leaf loss, decaying branches, and leaves turning strange colors other than what you expect this time of year. Catching the disease early and treating it could mean saving the tree versus removing it altogether.

Emergency Tree Removal

Are trees leaning?

If you’ve noticed a tree leaning a little bit farther every month, there’s probably soil erosion underneath and even things like molds and bugs can cause soil erosion, weakening the root system of the tree, and causing it to fall over. The last thing you want is for a tree to fall on offense, house, or God forbid, animals or people. Taking care of these issues beforehand can help prevent any major damage to structures on your property.

Emergency Tree Removal

Unstable branches in the tree.

After a windstorm, it’s important to inspect the trees on your property for any branches that may have come loose or broke off but didn’t actually fall to the ground. Week limbs and branches can cause sudden branch drop, which can be extremely dangerous for anyone on the property including pets and children. A good way to prevent this is by simply inspecting the trees after a windstorm. If there are any large branches that look like they’ve become detached from the trunk, it’s important to get a tree removal company out to safely remove these branches and inspect the rest of the integrity of the tree.

When storms hit, it’s important to have a tree removal company ready to go. At Lineage Tree Care, we handle all types of tree removal and stump grinding, so if you just need an estimate or are concerned about a tree on your property, give us a call today.

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