This is not just to talk about trees on commercial property or public land but it can also happen on your own private property as well. These things are more likely to happen on commercial land because not as much care might be put into planning and proper planting of trees. It seems today new home developments are popping up all over the place and they just throw a bunch of trees into the ground and hope they survive. I can’t tell you how many neighborhoods I’ve driven through where trees are propped up, leaning over, or have so much apparatus around them to keep them straight that the whole idea of cosmetic beauty is completely lost.

Here are the five most common mistakes I see on trees or plantings on commercial property.

Too much mulch

#1. Too much mulch.

Often times commercial properties will pile up the mulch around the trunk and base of the tree so much that it looks like an ant hill mound has taken root. Only 3 to 4 inches of mulch is all you need to help moderate soil temperatures and conserve water. Too many people think more mulch, the better, but that’s simply not true.

#2. Damage from nearby equipment.

These commercial areas or commercial developments in residential developments, for that matter, may hire generic landscaping crews to come along and trim or mow but often times they can damage nearby trees. If not protected, these machines can grind into the roots and the base of the tree compounding serious problems for the tree later on. It’s important to keep that mulch at least 1 to 2 feet out around the tree so these machines don’t hurt the tree trunk.

#3. Over irrigation.

In these dry, hot days, green grass is something of a novelty but over irrigation or even under irrigation can really damage trees. Most of our trees around here have deep root systems to withstand several weeks or even months of drought. But too much or too little water could result in reduced photosynthesis, which limits the ability to grow and thrive.

#4. Planted too deep or not deep enough.

Tree roots thrive in shallow soil where there is enough water, oxygen, and warmth. If roots are deprived of these resources by being buried too deep, it can have an effect on how the tree grows and how fast it can grow. You can even have girdling roots, which can encircle part of the trunk restricting movement of water and nutrients throughout the tree

Topped Tree

#5. Bad pruning jobs.

Pruning can be very beneficial to a tree but if it is poorly pruned or pruned at the wrong time of the year, it could cause significant damage or even permanent injury to the tree. Improper cuts can result in dead wood and topping a tree is even worse. I almost cringe every time I drive by a tree that’s been topped improperly. This thoroughly damages the tree and its root systems.

If you want it done right, it’s best to hire a tree company that specializes only in trees, not just every type of landscaping out there. Give us a call today if you have trees on commercial or residential properties that need to be taken care of properly.

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