Fall is definitely in the air and even though were waking up to a little chillier temperatures, were technically not in fall yet. I had a call the other day about tree shaping and if there are reasons to do it and why or why not. So I thought it would do a blog post about it.

The term is “Espalier” and is an ancient practice of controlling woody plant growth for the production of fruit, by pruning and tying branches to a frame. These trees are often shaped into formal patterns, flat against her structures such as a building or wall, and usually trained in the flat, two-dimensional forms. These are not only for decorative purposes but for limited space gardens.

Now, if you’re training a fruit tree or a particular decorative tree this way, it’s a good way to go, but it’s not the only benefit to shaping a tree. Topiary shaping is creating living sculptures with trees and shrubs by crafting decorative shapes and designs into them. These are usually evergreen shrubs, so the design stays year-round. But whether you are looking at a topiary, espalier, or just looking to clean up a tree, there are several benefits to tree shaping.

5 Benefits to Tree Shaping

#1. Aesthetics.

In the Pacific Northwest, we have an abundance of greenery which we are surrounded with and there’s nothing more attractive than a well-manicured yard. Tree shaping can definitely be one of the first impressions your home’s landscaping can make. It’s visually appealing, beautiful on the eyes, and can evoke a sense of wonder depending on the shape.

#2. Great for the Environment.

We all know the trees are excellent for the environment but topiary trees play an even more special role by introducing them into your landscape means you’ll be helping create a cleaner oxygen supply for your area. I realize that just about any tree will help, but this will create an attractive landscape as well.

#3. Lots of options.

You don’t have to shape simply a fruit tree or even a topiary; just about any evergreen or even deciduous tree can be shaped into any design you wish. For shrubs, the boxwood is one of the best container topiary options and arborvitae’s take excellent evergreen topiaries and even climbing bushes such as wisteria and Virginia creepers.

5 Benefits to Tree Shaping

#4. Value.

Tree shaping will increase your property’s value and boost curb appeal. Anyone walking by will want to stop and take in the visual appeal of your beautifully shaped trees. They may take some time to exhibit their full potential, but by starting now, you can have some of the best-shaped trees on your block.

#5. Creativity.

We’re pretty creative in the Pacific Northwest and topiary design and tree shaping has become an art in and of itself. You can really let your imagination run wild.

Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a tree care service provider such as Lineage, shaping your trees or treating them to grow in a certain way will create a unique landscape to your property and the visual appeal unlike anything in your neighborhood.

For tree shaping and removal in Kirkland, Woodinville, Bothell, and Mill Creek, contact Lineage today!


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