“These guys are efficient, run their business legally/ethically, and cost us $1000 less than 3 other estimates that we received on our 5 trees. You’ll want to get them to estimate your job.” – Shane

That’s what we love to hear!  And whether it’s Kirkland, Woodinville, or Bothell, we can handle just about any tree removal job.

Kirkland is pretty well developed so removing trees in town is not an easy task. 5 Trees on one lot can be tricky and they need to be removed carefully, especially since there are other homes and buildings close by.

Tree Service Review from Kirkland Washington

The city of Kirkland has certain requirements for tree removal. Residents must submit an application form in person at City Hall and it applies to tree removal which does not involve the removal of more than two or the last two trees on the property and/or restrictions do not apply to the property, such as critical areas, or subdivision restrictions. The application is free but it still needs to be submitted. Other permits are required for the removal request which does not meet the requirement for the to tree removal notification form and usually requires review of a certified arborist report. There is a fee associated with this review.

However, permits are not required to prune trees on private property but if you prune at least half of the live crown it will be considered tree removal and subject to the application form. Tree topping is not allowed in Kirkland, thank goodness for that!

The form that talks about the tree retention removal guide go over certain conditions about private property and eligibility. Properties having the following conditions must use the tree removal permit:

  • A property with a tree removal request to remove one or both of the last two significant trees.
  • A property that has a new residence built within the last five years.
  • A property containing and native growth protection easement.
  • A property within 100 feet of critical areas such as streams or slopes with greater than 15% or wetlands.
  • A property containing subdivision restrictions listed on deed or plat maps.
  • A property removing a tree along the shoreline of Lake Washington.
  • A property located within the Homes Point Overlay.

In addition, an arborist report from a qualified professional must be submitted with your permit.

For more information on tree removal services in Kirkland Washington contact us at any time or send us an email online for immediate service.

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