It’s amazing how myths and legends get started, and how we tend to believe them, especially if they are passed on from one person to another. It seems like it’s the gospel truth when we hear someone say something and then as long as we hear someone else say it, it seems to be true. Well, we hear that a lot about how to take care of trees but here are four myths about tree care that I’d like to debunk.

4 Myths About Tree Care

#1. Topping a tree is a good way to prune it.

If you’ve been attention to any of our blogs in the past you know the topping a tree is one of the worst things you can do to it. Topping a tree makes it weak and it can cause disease, make the entire tree unfit, or could make it even more hazardous. There are different ways to trim a tree rather than just lopping off the top. Whatever you do, don’t top a tree.

#2. Prune the branches close to the trunk.

You’ve heard of this one or maybe you’ve never even given it a second thought of cutting too close to the trunk can cause decay and disease and ultimately death of the tree if done too much. The base of the branch is called a branch color and trees need this part of the limb to remain fit and undamaged. If you pruning a young tree, leave a few inches at the base of the branch. Anything longer than about a half an inch in diameter should be pruned or trimmed by a professional tree trimming service such as ourselves.

#3. All trees have deep roots.

Actually, the majority of trees have roots that grow wide and shallow. Tree roots like to stay near the surface where the soil is loose. The tree’s roots can also get oxygen and are usually spread out larger than its canopy. Because of this, construction, surface activities, or other disruptions to the ground can cause damage to the tree roots. It’s important to be careful when trimming a tree or removing a root that could be causing more damage to structures close by.

#4. Painting a trees wounds is good for it.

It’s been commonplace to paint a stump after removing a branch but it may not help. Trees cannot repair after damage or infection but instead, they grow a barrier that seals it from an unfit tissue. By painting it or applying anything to the surface could interfere with the trees and natural process and cause more long-term damage.

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