So, here we are. A couple days after Christmas. I know a few people that had all those decorations put away by 9 AM December 26. But if you’re like me, I like to have it hang around at least another week. I mean we just built all this up for over a month, I don’t want to get rid of every remnant that we even had a Christmas just yet. So what can or should you do with the Christmas Tree after Christmas?

10 Things to Do with Your Christmas Tree After Christmas


A lot of boy scout troops and city programs will collect trees but be sure to call and find out rather than just put it on the curb and hope it magically goes away.

Cut it up

Use it for firewood. Wait until it dries completely to burn but cut it while it’s still green. A green tree is way easier to cut. Store it somewhere dry and use it for campfires this Summer.

Make coasters


Saw the trunk into 1/2 inch slices, coat with polyurethane and use as coasters!

Make a Kitty Post

Shave off the limbs and mount the trunk to secure it and let your cat go to town.

10 Things to Do with Your Christmas Tree After Christmas


Make Beer

Yes, I said beer. Did you know you can turn your spruce tree into spruce beer? I’m not kidding. Check it out here.

Replant it

If it’s a live tree in a pot, it’s time to plant it. Find a place where it can have lots of room to grow. There are also ways to replant a cut tree but it’s tricky. Check this out for replanting a cut tree.

Donate it

Some Fish and Wildlife Departments take old trees to serve as a habitat for forest friends.

Compost it

Break it down and chop it up then start a compost pile. Next year as things start to break down you’ll have great dirt and mulch for the garden.

10 Things to Do with Your Christmas Tree After Christmas

Oops! Don’t forget to remove the stand first!

Mulch it

Run it through a chipper if you have one and use it for mulch for flower beds, children’s play areas, or to keep other trees warmer.

Burn it

If your area allows, chop it up and burn it now. It may take a bit to get going or you can set it out somewhere to dry making it easier to burn. The ashes are great for flower beds too.

Whatever you do, don’t just toss it over the fence, dump it on some back road or set it by the curb without a plan of pickup. Be a responsible Christmas tree owner. There’s so much you can do with it. I bet there are way more than 10 ideas. Have one? Share it below!

Image of Christmas Tree on Curb by Flickr