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Removing a tree, even a dead one, can be a dangerous job, but leaving a hazardous tree unchecked can be even riskier. For all of your tree pruning and tree trimming in Seattle, WA, count on the experts at Lineage Tree Care.

We offer tree trimming services to local homeowners who want to remove any possible danger safely from their backyard. We are experienced in the industry and go the extra mile to ensure every tree removal causes minimal disturbance to your family and property.


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Tree Trimming Vs. Tree Pruning – Know the Difference

Tree pruning and trimming are both essential to the beauty and health of your tree. However, although people use these terms interchangeably, tree trimming service and tree pruning service aren’t the same.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming focuses mainly on aesthetics. So, when you call tree trimming contractors, they will ensure your tree has the desired shape and appearance.

After a certain period, trees become unwieldy, with long branches growing in different directions. The growth can leave your tree looking distorted and unbalanced. Uneven development can also affect the tree’s health and any nearby plants.

Extra branches can prevent the tree and other plants from receiving the sunlight, nutrients, and moisture they need to develop and thrive. With trimming, you will remove unnecessary branches and create shapely and consistent growth.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning focuses on the tree’s future health. Pruning helps improve a tree’s appearance and shape, but it also protects the plant against diseases and pests. The process usually involves removing loose, diseased, or dead branches that prevent your tree from developing and thriving.

When you call a professional tree pruning service near me, you can expect them to remove any branches that interfere with other parts of the tree. Professionals have the experience and training necessary for proper and adequate pruning.

When performed correctly, pruning will optimize fruit growth and boost flower production.


Reasons for Trimming or Pruning a Tree in Seattle, WA

At Lineage Tree Care, we know tree trimming in Seattle makes the difference between a beautiful and healthy tree and a shrub that grows wild. Below are six reasons why considering local tree trimming and pruning is an essential step to keeping your yard green and good-looking.

  • Dead branches impact the growth of healthy branches
  • Regular tree trimming and pruning prevent common diseases, fungi, and other types of decay
  • Removing the dead limbs encourages fruit production
  • Overgrown and large branches pose a huge risk to your property
  • Dead or overgrown branches can fall off easily during windy weather or heavy storms
  • Trimming and pruning your trees ensures a better view of the surroundings, including the beautiful sunlit horizon

Benefits of Having Tree Trimming or Tree Pruning in Seattle

It is easy to be hesitant about pruning your trees in Seattle, WA, especially if you have several in your backyard. However, tree trimming and pruning offer numerous benefits that can significantly change lawn appearance and condition.

Improve the Health of Your Trees and Overall Urban Forest

Although a large tree is visually attractive, it doesn’t have the ability to absorb necessary nutrients from the ground. Therefore, when there is a lack of enough water, air, and sunlight, the overall tree health is in danger.

You can change this by considering large tree trimming or pruning and cutting off dead branches, allowing the rest of the tree to absorb the nutrients from the soil. With regular trimming and pruning, you can expect a lush and green lawn.

Decrease Hazardous Tree Situations Due to Dead Branches or Overgrowth

Trees close to the house, garage, or pool require frequent pruning and trimming. Dead or overgrown branches pose a danger to your property and may cause extensive damage to your electrical wires, roof, car, or outdoor furniture.

When you collaborate with a tree trimming company in Seattle, WA, you can expect them to remove the branches on time before they cause any damage.

Plan and Budget Your Leafy Assets Proactively

Untrimmed trees make your property look outdated and unkempt. With a tree trimmer near me, you will receive trimming and pruning on time and ensure your lawn is in the best shape possible.

In addition, pruning and trimming add value to your property’s environment and allow you to budget your leafy assets proactively.

Cost of Tree Trimming and Pruning Services in Seattle

Many factors can affect the cost of trimming and pruning in Seattle, including how many trees in your lawn need trimming, the tree’s condition, and the tree’s location. On average, Seattle homeowners pay between $300 and $700 for professional services.

Some homeowners can expect to pay as low as $100 for a small tree pruning job, while others pay more for trimming a large tree (more than 50 feet tall).

It is best to consult with tree pruners near me and get accurate tree trimming estimates.

Why Choose Us? Reliable, Quick Tree Trimming Services, Seattle

At Lineage Tree Care, we go above and beyond to meet clients’ needs. Our team consists of tree service enthusiasts who love their job and help you maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn. We are proud of our exceptional industry background, work dedication, and affordable tree trimming and pruning fees.

Our company considers customer service a top attribute when performing any job. So, whether you need us for a quick pruning job or large tree removal, you can rest assured you’ll get the best service for your money. In addition, our contractors keep up with the latest methods and procedures on the market to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

We also use the latest equipment to ensure safe and efficient work. When you partner with us for tree pruning or tree trimming in Seattle, you can expect a positive experience from start to finish.

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