Tree Trimming & Pruning Service in Arlington, WA

Taking care of landscapes requires scheduled maintenance to ensure trees and other plants thrive and maintain their beauty. At Lineage Tree Care, we provide tree trimming and pruning services in Arlington, WA. We believe in having healthy trees and a well-taken care landscape.

Tree trimming and pruning will help shape and remove unwanted branches or other parts. In addition, proper maintenance will create a clear pathway on sidewalks and minimize storm damage. A skilled arborist will have the appropriate knowledge and equipment to trim and prune your trees safely.

Trees require specific techniques for pruning and trimming to avoid damaging them. An experienced arborist will ensure the use of the correct method and tools. Hiring trimming and tree pruning services will help keep your trees healthy and grow properly.


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Tree Trimming Vs. Tree Pruning – Know the Difference

Sometimes the terms tree trimming and pruning are used interchangeably. However, trimming trees and pruning them is different. Both methods are used for taking care of landscapes, but they require specific equipment and seasons to implement.

Tree trimming services involve cutting and trimming overgrown leaves and branches. This will help shape and structure the trees to clear pathways on sidewalks, buildings, etc. In addition, tree trimming will help make trees look aesthetically pleasing.

Tree pruning services remove poorly structured branches or parts of dead or diseased trees. Tree pruning helps a tree live longer and grow in a proper form.


Reasons for Trimming/Pruning a Tree in Arlington

You should trim and prune trees for various reasons. Some property will have trees surrounding their lawn that needs care. Trees can grow over homes and buildings, which can cause harm during severe storms due to potential breakage.

Trimming and pruning trees create a clearer and neater area. If there are oddly grown branches or overgrown leaves, removing them is the best option to make your land look nice. It will open up the area by taking away crowded parts and forming the trees into the shape you want.

If you want trees to grow healthy and be strong, tree trimming and pruning will help. Removing dead or diseased parts of a tree will help stimulate better growth. In addition, tree trimming and pruning will help cut back unnecessary tree parts that stunt proper growth and structure.

With trees of different sizes by buildings, homes, pathways, streets, etc., any landowner should have trimming and pruning done. Trimming helps remove unwanted parts that may cover areas of a building, like windows or sidewalks. It also reduces the safety risks for people walking by in that area.


Benefits of Having Tree Trimming/Tree Pruning in Arlington

  • You can Plan and Structure your Trees Proactively: If there is a certain way or shape how you want your trees to look like or grow into, having a trimming and pruning service will help you achieve it.
  • Improving the View: Removing, thinning, and pruning a tree’s canopy, will help give a better view. In addition, it creates a neat and open-looking land by allowing access to view other plants, lakes, and more areas on the property.
  • Reduce Risks of Overgrowth and Dead Branches: Sometimes trees can have overgrown and dead branches, which can damage them in the long run. For example, some trees may have large branches that need extra support equipment, which costs more money to install. In addition, dead tree branches can hinder a tree’s growth and cause more decay.
  • Correct Problems in Young Trees: By trimming and pruning, you can prevent any defect when young trees grow. It will help save money and prevent more extensive work when they mature.
  • Reduce Risk to Property, People, and Pets: When you cut or remove broken or dead tree limbs or parts, you can reduce the risk of harming people or animals that surrounds that area. For example, dead tree branches may fall and hurt people walking or resting underneath them.
  • Improve the Health of Trees: Cutting off dangerous or rotting branches will help preserve the tree’s appearance and structure. It also helps the tree grow more robust and heal the diseased area. Trimming and pruning will also prevent infection from spreading.
  • Achieve Clearance: Low hanging branches over driveways or surrounding buildings will need pruning and trimming.  Trimming secures a safe passageway for people or vehicles to pass by. Property owners must ensure the trees won’t block streetlights or signs and interfere with public sidewalks or roadways.
  • Restoration: In severe weather storms, trees can become damaged and cause structural failure. Fully grown trees can deteriorate from those damages, and a skilled arborist will have to help them stimulate growth. The restoration will require pruning cycles over time to help trees grow successfully.

Cost of Tree Trimming/Pruning Services in Arlington

Depending on the area you live in, the extensive work that needs to be accomplished will determine the pruning and tree trimming estimates of cost. A skilled arborist will have to come to your property and examine the trees and the area. Then, the arborist will have to find the safest and most effective procedure to help you. 

Other factors may apply to the total cost of the services:

  • Time requirement
  • Location
  • Type of tree
  • Your specific needs
  • Safety and risk concerns

Many people are searching for affordable tree trimming services. Have you ever wondered if there is any tree trim service near me? Fortunately, Lineage Tree Care will help.

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