What is Deep Root Fertilization? Do your trees need it? Well, let’s talk about that for a minute. I mean, there are millions of trees in the forests that don’t need us to intervene, right? So why do the trees on my property need it? Well, yes and no. The forest has fit soil that’s been cultivating for some time with the life cycle, but developed land in subdivision and suburbs is basically devoid of the nutrients needed to sustain trees long-term.

Should We Be Using Deep-Root Fertilization?

How to do it

Deep root fertilization begins with finding the right materials and placing a pipe into the soil 8-12″ and with pressure, insert fertilizer into the ground. The deeper the roots, the deeper the pipe should go.

We have to add back in that fit soil full of bugs, helpful organisms, and microbes that bring life and strength to trees. You’ll want to select a product that rebuilds the soil, not just pumps the dirt full of micronutrients and nitrogen. Not all fertilizers are created equal.

What to look for

When choosing a product, try and avoid phosphorus. This can leach into the soil and pollute usable water. It can also irritate the soil and its inhabitants like earthworms, a valuable resource for the soil. Also, avoid high salt index as this too can damage more than help.

Look for products that are full of essential micronutrients and microbes. This could be labeled as humates or organic material. This can rejuvenate your soil and provide shrubs and trees the nutrients they really need. You’re trying to create a symbiotic relationship that provides resources and nutrients for all inhabitants of the soil, not just the tree.

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Most landscapes around Washington has adequate nutrients for our trees but again, certain subdivisions and developments can strip away all the great topsoil leaving a flat slab of dead clay or gravel. There is a lot of clay soil around here when you clear off the top and that doesn’t leave a lot of room for great nutrients for our trees. If you’re planning on having trees in your backyard, consider the possibility of adding back into the soil the nutrients it so badly craves.

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