bugs off fruit trees

Hoping to get an abundant harvest from your orchard this year but struggling to keep the bugs off your fruit trees? Most home and business owners prioritize organic, natural, and environmentally friendly fruit growing practices. If you are in search of the best way to naturally keep bugs and pests from ruining your harvest, take heart, there are options for you

Here are 4 ways to keep bugs off of your fruit trees naturally.

1. Set Up Pest Barricades

Another natural way to keep bugs off of your fruit tree is to set up a pest barricade. Pest barricades hinder bugs from reaching your fruit trees by blocking their paths. Simple things like setting up copper bands around your fruit tree trunk along will do wonders in keeping large pests like snails and slugs away as well as other bugs and insects.

The reason copper bands are so effective is that they have a small electrical charge, so when snails or bugs come into contact with the copper band they are deterred from your fruit tree.

2. Plant Sticky Traps for Pests

This is probably one of the most effective natural ways to keep bugs off of your fruit trees. A sticky trap will catch bugs and pests before they reach the ripening fruit on your trees and trap them.

One of the most popular sticky traps is Tanglefoot, a sticky substance which you paint on the trunk of your fruit tree. Tanglefoot catches any bugs that attempt to cross and it’s so sticky that they are unable to escape.

It’s an affordable, organic, and easy way to keep bugs off of your fruit trees naturally.

All you need is the Tanglefoot, a paintbrush, and voila! Your fruit trees will be protected from a large variety of bugs.

3. Spray Your Fruit Trees

While many shy away from the thought of spraying their fruit trees, there are natural, organic sprays on the market. These natural pesticide sprays tend to be derived from natural substances and contain natural ingredients.

While this might not be your first choice for keeping bugs off of your fruit trees, it is still a viable option for fruit tree tenders who can’t beat the bugs with non-spray methods.

4. Don’t Let Branches From Separate Fruit Trees Cross

Another simple, natural preventative measure is to make sure that the branches of your fruit trees don’t overlap with other trees. Overlapping branches is one of the most common ways that bugs spread from one tree to another. By pruning or carefully spacing your fruit trees to prevent overlapped branches, you ensure that pests and bugs from one tree won’t make their way over to the next tree.

In Need of Fruit Tree Care Services?

Here at Lineage Tree Care, we have a team of professionals with years of experience working in all areas of fruit tree maintenance. We would be happy to send our team to your home to help you with routine pruning or other fruit tree care needs.

If you are new to having an orchard and growing your own fruit trees, you will find it especially helpful to observe and learn from a professional tree service. That way, when next year rolls around you will be equipped with the right knowledge on how to care for your fruit trees and keep bugs off of your trees so that you can have the best harvest.

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