If it’s time to remove a tree on your property due to disease, closeness to buildings, inconvenience, etc., you should hire a tree service company. However, don’t just hire the first one you see on Google. Here are some helpful tips and tricks on how to hire a tree service company in Snohomish, WA.

Tree Service Company

When Should You Consider Tree Removal?

Here are the top three signs you should consider a tree removal service: 

  1. The tree is dead or diseased. Trees that are already dead can easily fall and cause damage to your property, while diseased trees may eventually die and/or spread their illness to other trees on the property. 
  2. The tree has or may cause property damage. Trees often reach out to water or utility lines in search of water, causing expensive property damage that you could evade with the right “tree-cutting service near me.”
  3. If there are too many trees on your property, you may need to thin them out to reduce competition for water, sunlight, and nutrients. 


Checklist for Hiring a Tree Service Company

Here is a checklist on how to hire a trustworthy tree service company


Experience and Qualifications

Examples of arborist certifications include the ISA and TCIA. The ISA is a certification that arborists receive after completing three years of service and proving expertise in topics such as soil management, pruning, tree IDs, and more. The TCIA is a notable safety credential program.


Insurance Coverage

Check whether your tree services company has insurance, as some smaller companies opt out of insurance coverage to save money. Don’t let a liability occur on your property with uninsured individuals. 


Reputation and Reviews

Your area’s best tree service company will have a reputation that precedes them. If your local tree service company has high ratings and/or you hear good feedback from friends and family, you can trust the arborists there. 


Range of Services

A high-quality “tree service near me” will provide clients with a variety of services such as removal, trimming, storm damage cleanup, etc. 


Equipment and Safety Measures

Tree service companies that care about their work will provide employees with the proper safety gear and tools to complete the job. 


Pricing and Estimates

A fair and affordable tree service company will provide upfront and honest pricing. 


Environmental Practices

Tree companies should perform sustainable practices such as reusing wood chips as mulch. 


Pros and Cons of Hiring a Local Tree Service Company

The pros of hiring a “tree service company near me” include: 

  • Trusting a licensed and insured professional with dangerous work
  • Knowledge about permits and local regulations related to tree removal
  • Experience and training in the field

The cons of hiring a tree care company include: 

  • It costs more than removing the tree yourself
  • Your certified arborist may provide bad news, such as telling you a tree you wanted to be pruned should come down


Hire a Professional Tree Care Service

If you need a professional “tree trimming company near me,” contact Lineage Tree Care. We are Snohomish, WA’s premier tree service company with years of experience and trained arborists. Contact us for tree removal today!