Fir trees less than impressive a long time, several decades but, if one begins to die will immediately become a problem. We have a lot of fir, alder, hemlock and cedar around the Pacific Northwest and fir trees seem to be one of the more popular ones that people might have in the backyards were on the back 40. These trees tend to break off limbs during heavy windstorms and can be quite a pain to deal with. Even though this type of tree maybe I stood the test of time over several storms, it can be easily unstable and topple over once it loses its vitality.Fir tree

These trees can damage power lines, block off roads and even cause injury. There are several ways to tell if your first tree is starting to die or has already died. If you see excessive bark loss, pale white wood, or even an insect infestation, these could be key points to look at the tell if the tree is starting to die. If there is no sap emerging from the tree, chances are it’s already starting to die.

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If you act quickly, a tree service company can topple the tree and you can use the word for firewood as long as it is not too damaged or diseased. A large fir tree can a great deal of wood the last you throughout the winter, but the longer you delay, it could become a serious danger to you and those around you.

Should we remove the tree?

Attempting to remove a tree without the proper equipment can be very hazardous and is never recommended for the typical homeowner. If you improperly remove the tree could cause extra damage to your property or injury. Important to call a tree removal service which can save you time, effort, and a lot of risk for your yard and your protection.

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Lineage Tree Care has been serving the Snohomish County area for years. We specifically know the type of approach that we need for any type of tree regardless of its current state. We can take all fir trees off your property with zero complications and damage to your home or yard. Because this is the stormy season, these trees can cause a serious hazard so it’s best to get them removed as quickly as possible.

Call Lineage Tree Care today and a fully capable and well-trained staff would be happy to help you minimize the damage to your garden or property.

Fir tree
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