Most Common Questions About Tree Removal

Everyone has questions and it’s important to ask them seasonal comfortable and are well aware of the job we’re going to do for you. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked but of course, feel free to ask us anything about the job so you are well informed before we start the project.

#1. Why should we hire you?

Because we’ve been in the business for years and have developed a great reputation and have referrals, you can feel confident in hiring us for any type of tree removal service.

#2. Do you have insurance?

Tree work is very dangerous and should only be done by a professional so liability insurance is important because it protects you, the homeowner, and your property from any potential risk and damage.

#3. How do you protect my property?

We take every precaution necessary to protect your home and property and to minimize any damage or impact to the landscaping. If you can’t see where we’ve worked on your property, that’s a successful job.

#4. How do I know if the tree is dangerous?

Hazard assessment is one of the main jobs we do as your tree removal service. Trees grow and age and can be subject to many stress factors as well as the weather and environments. It’s important to have a qualified tree service professional advise you of any possible danger to your property and the tree.

#5. Can you top a tree?

No, topping trees is really one of the biggest dangers in the tree industry. It can alter the branch structure and integrity of the tree causing week branches and allowing the tree to be susceptible to disease, pests, and damage.

#6. Can I keep the mulch?

Often when we grind a stump or remove a tree there will be mulch, wood shavings and chips. You are welcome to keep them or we can clean up the mess and haul it away.

#7. Do you haul away wood and debris?

Yes, if you want us to. Sometimes the homeowner wants to keep the wood for firewood or to sell.

If we haven’t answered one of your questions, leave a comment below. And if you like a free estimate or just some information over the phone give us a call at any time.